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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale by Breeder

780’s Rottweiler Puppies are a great addition to any responsible home. 780 KENNELS INC personally hand-picks World Champion German import Sires & Dams for our Breeding Program. 780’s Rottweiler Puppies are well muscled and have beautiful block type heads, rich color & true markings, dark almond shaped eyes, dark mouth, short compact bodies, heavy strong bones, powerful rear drive, awesome temperament & intelligence. 780’s Rottweiler Puppies have limitless potential.

Puppies with Proven World Champion Bloodlines

780’s Rottweiler Puppies pedigree are qualified by registered AKC & CKC documents and other governing authorities to provide you with complete confidence that your Rottweiler Puppy has true German Rottweiler Bloodlines. 780‘s Breeding stock is from the best in the world, our partners include German connections with generations of Rottweiler Breeding, resulting in the best of the best. Paperwork available AFTER deposit; Sire and Dam Bloodlines, DNA testing confirming parents, OFA reports and World Championship Certificates.

Canada’s Rottweiler Breeder with Responsibility

780’s Breeding Program is the most Responsible in Canada consisting of the following expenditures to ensure the best Rottweiler Puppies are produced; AI sample taking, AI shipping (if necessary), Veterinary Clinic performing the AI, Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and X-rays to accurately estimate the number of Puppies.

Inferior programs purposely reduce overhead costs and allow a natural joining of the Sire and Dam which tolerates risks of severe dog fights and has a 50% chance of the Dam becoming pregnant. 780’s Breeding Program does not cut corners taking unnecessary risks and we also do not want to disappoint our investors by gambling if she will get pregnant whereas the AI has no risk of dog fights and a 90% chance for her becoming pregnant. Ultra sounds and X-rays help our investors plan when they may be receiving their Rottweiler Puppy whereas dodgy “breeders” skip these expenses and simply unload Puppies to last-minute buyers. Included with your Puppy at 8 weeks is proof of 1st & 2nd set of Vaccinations and complete De-worming.

780 KENNELS INC is the only Rottweiler Breeder in Alberta Canada that supports their Puppy investors with Training, Boarding, Daycare and Grooming. Explore our website and see for yourself, 780 is the industry’s leader in total dog responsibility.

Rottweiler Puppies

Picking Your Rottweiler Puppy

Pricing varies upon: Sex (Male/Female), Purpose (Companion, Showing, Breeding, Working) and Energy (Low, Medium, High). Do not be fooled by so-called Breeders that offer you “pick of the litter” as this is merely a cash grab at your expense. The last thing any investor seeking a Companion quality Puppy wants is to pick a Working quality Puppy for their home, It is 780’s responsibility to pick THE BEST puppy for you. During the first 2 weeks of every litter’s life, we feed Puppies every 2 hours day and night. For the next 2-4 weeks we feed every 3 hours. At 4+ weeks old we are feeding every 4 hours, although complete care is 24/7 until you take your puppy home. 780‘s vast experience with dogs helps us judge each litter as we witness their behaviours, shapes and sizes change over the course of 8 weeks (every day, all day) until you can take your Puppy home.

Before contacting 780, decide on your puppy’s Sex, Purpose and Energy so that we can answer any related questions and then supply you with a final quote. Serious inquiries only, please. These are extremely high quality Rottweiler Puppies that require a $780 deposit.

Rottweiler Puppies From Our Home to Yours

780’s Rottweilers will save you thousands of dollars in future vet bills due to a inferior Breeding Program. 780’s Rottweiler Puppies represent the ideal German Rottweiler Breed Standard. If you want to drive a German Import, you don’t purchase an inferior Domestic.

At 8 weeks of age, your Rottweiler Puppy is ready for pick-up at 780 KENNELS INC or shipped via the airlines. Buyers are responsible for airline fees, veterinary health certificate and travel crate if Rottweiler puppy is to be shipped. Complete payment due at 2 weeks of age. NO REFUNDS, please read our contract for more details. 780 offers 100% support before, during and after your investment. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 780 is committed to helping you.

Rottweiler Puppy Classes, Training & Boarding at 780

780’s Rottweiler Puppies are invited to FREE Puppy Classes all year round at 780 KENNELS to ensure our Puppies receive Training, human & dog socialization. We offer you FREE 780 MEMBERSHIP (regular pricing is $175/year) which grants you discounted Boarding, Training, Daycare & Grooming for the life of your Rottweiler Puppy. Reduced pricing on 780’s Tracking & Security Clubs are offered to investors interested in a Working quality Rottweiler Puppy.


780 KENNELS INC is committed to helping you. Email adam@780kennels.com or call Adam at 780-887-8805 (private callers or texts will not be answered). Secure your Rottweiler Puppy now as there is high demand for 780’s Rottweilers because they are the best in Canada.

SIRES (owned by Von Ruelmann Rottweilers)

Xtra Von Ruelmann
SIRE: Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand   DAM: Von Ruelmann’s Iris
American Champion, National Champion and International Champion
OFA Hips Good RO-70691G24M-VPl, OFA Elbows Grade 1, OVC HD & ED Normal, Cardiac Normal

Frenki Vom Hause Edelstein
Multi v-rated excellent ADRK HD- ED +/-

Ives Vom Hause Neubrand II
2008 DM World Working Champion, 2008 DM High Protection, 2008 Europaseiger Winner V-1, IFR World Champion Show V-2, DT VDH CH, German CH, 12 x V-1 rated Excellent, Korung, SchH/VPG III, IPO III, BH, AD, Ztp, HD +/-, ED +, Cardiac Normal

Flash Von Ruelmann
SIRE: Xtra Von Ruelmann   DAM: Von Ruelmann’s Olfa
International Champion, OFA Elbows 1, OFA Good Hips

Tough Vom Hause Neubrand
Multi Youth Sieger, V-3 World Dog Show, BH, VPG/SCH I, ZTP,
HD-Frei, ED II, OFA Excellent, Cardiac Normal


Cendy Vom Charco
International Champion, Multi V-1, BH, VPG I, HD Frei, ED +/-.

Sparta Von Ruelmann
SIRE: Ives Vom Hause Neubrand II   DAM: Cendy Vom Charco
OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows

Bella Von Ruelmann
SIRE: Dandy Von Hause Newbrand   DAM: Stablemate’s Unja Von Reulmann
OFA Excellent Hips, OFA Normal Elbows


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Xtra Von Ruelmann
American Champion, National Champion and International Champion


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