780 Classes schooling Edmonton puppies with training & socialization in 2 playgrounds.


Best business of 2019 certificate of excellence.

Schnauzer & Husky rolling on Summer grass in the Edmonton area.

780’s puppy school teaches smarter training classes in Edmonton with 3+ trainers for more attention & detail to individual needs in a group setting.

780 knows that shaping behavior starts at 8 weeks old with best results by playing and obedience; not paying & observing.

780 delivers expert advice while sharing how to detect signs of substitute teachers so your family can stay on track and avoid the hacks.

Puppies are part of the family & what's best for your family's best for their education, socialization, & de-sensitization goals.

Whether raising a balanced pet, therapy, tracking, security, agility, or service dog; we have 8 years experience preventing & addressing problematic adult dog behaviors.

Here’s 780’s Checklist for tips, tools, & support; when schooling your puppy:

1. Train Smarter.

780's revolutionized the industry by providing 3+ teachers in smaller classes for playing & coaching with age limit cut off at 6 months to work smarter; unlike a cash-grab-academy practicing ABC's (anything but control's) for an undereducation.

780's monthly program delivers 3+ on-hand guides customizing approaches during tutorials to ensure the best understanding; learn to lead, motivate, teach, re-enforce, and proof your critter's instruction.

Avoid one-size-fits-all facilitation from substitute teachers.

780's camp roster certifies; the perfect number of pups, by registration only, and 45 minutes max, for play and work; without saturation.

For popular months during the year with peak sign-ups, 780's lessons run back-to-back or will split into playgroups; accommodation made possible by multiple instructors, 2 indoor obedience centres, and 4 outdoor parks on-site.

For slower months, if low attendance, 780 has access to friendly daycare & kennel tykes to join our social club, whereas at-home instructors cannot provide more / less pupils as needed.

780's coaching academy is the first to nurture ideal early obedience & socializing attendance all year round.

Although doggie daycares suggest maximum, no-limit, communal action is best - surprise! Over-stimulation for long durations without recess breaks is another sign of wasted tuition for substitute teaching.

Whether raising a working whelp or companion cub, most dog experts in the world state that exposure is the top priority; but 780 disagrees; safe, early, & controlled experiences with friendly animals - only - has the upmost importance

That's why 780's happy to share the following article by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position of statement; "The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life".

780's leading the area by encouraging attendance of pooches with 1 set of vaccinations & first deworming for the earliest safe social imprinting possible.

Also, setting the age restriction to 6 months and younger provides safety for smaller or insecure half-pints from older, stronger, dominant, possibly even aggressive whippersnappers, once 6 months+.

Early puppyhood education in outdoor parks with several trainers helping families introduce puppies.

3 puppies under 6 months old learning leash manners with children at 780 Classes in Summer.

Smaller classes help 2 husky puppies learn the 'down' at puppy training camp.

780's ACADEMY.


• 3+ teachers (more help) • Just 1 teacher
• Ideal attendance (no cancellations) • Too high / low # of students
• Play & learn with recess breaks (balance) • Play only or work only
• 6 months & younger (safety) • Age cut off 1 yr and under
• 45 mins max (avoid over-saturation) • Longer than 45 mins
• Monthly semesters (socialize all year) • Periodic semesters only
• Lead your star-pupil (relationship development) • Free-for-all furball frenzies

2. Low Cost & Convenient.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge
780's innovative puppy classes schedule Sundays & Tuesdays, for 3 weeks, with pricing of $150; and available every month; by registration only.

Starting on the 1st Sunday of every month at 10am and meeting Tuesdays at 6pm for the perfect blend of fun and education; a missed lecture can be taken in the next month (no charge) to accommodate a family's busy schedule.

For canines 6 months+ and new to 780, it's best to meet for a ½ hr $25 private consult to determine whether to enroll in group or 1-on-1 guidance; either way, we will use the $25 towards your purchase.

Young dogs that have enrolled with 780 and become over 6 months may register again with special permission from instructors.

For folks travelling from the surrounding Alberta Capital Region such as Red Deer or Hinton, that can't make the Tuesday evenings we invite your family and mini-mutts to enjoy Sunday's-Only for 2 months at no additional charge.


6 Months & Younger Sunday Tuesday
$150 Group Lessons 10:00 - 10:45am 6:00 - 6:45pm
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free to rescue & breeder partners.
100% Money Back Guarantee.

780's PROGRAM.


• Miss a session, make up a session (free) • Charging for missed lessons
• 1/3 vaccinations rounds (start early) • 3/3 vaccination requirements
• 1 private lesson, 1 boarding & 1 daycare (free) • No free services
• $25 discount per repeat sign-up (save money) • No consecutive sign-up discounts
• After age limit sign-up possibility (pups are unique) • Can't enroll after age limit

3. Best Reviews.

780 has the best class reviews & professional photos detailing early canine education needs surpassed by 780.

Read reviews for safe playing, lesson plans, higher learning outcomes, indoor & outdoor areas, certified teachers, low-cost tuition & flexible timetables.

780's ankle-biter academy is winner Best Business of 2019 & People's Choice Award 2016.


"We chose 780 because they offered the most intensive program (twice per week for 3 weeks) at the best price ($150).

"What really surprised me was how supportive the 780 team was before our sessions even started...

"During our consult Matt showed us the facilities and provided information on the format, structure, and objectives.

"...he also went out of his way to teach us a little more about our pupster's body language, so we could intervene before unwanted behaviour took place, rather than always being reactionary.

"Having someone 1-on-1 point out behaviours as they happened and provide strategies for redirecting was a huge help.

"If you are a novice dog owner (like us!) and need some support from people who genuinely care about the development of your 4-legged friend, I very highly recommend 780...!"
SPARKY, Google Reviews (January 2018)  5/5  


Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780's puppy trainers

Personal trainer playing inside 780's kindergarten with Miniature Schnauzer.

780 Kennels BBB Business Review

780's REVIEWS.


• Unique reviews (trust) • Fake reviews
• High average (can't please everyone) • Low average
• Numerous high quality photos (transparency) • No photographs
• Specific to each pup (cater to different needs) • Generic statements & replies

4. Early Socialization.

780 delivers free puppy socializing by 1 free day of boarding, 1 daycare & 1 private lesson per registration; to encourage continued learning after graduation.

Improve your critters life skills with exposure to friendly mutts and families by plenty of playing & learning; perfect for the important stages of their life cycle.

Maximize their behavior imprinting periods to shape your innocent small-fry into a friendly, even temperament, adult dog.

Early intercommunication is the cornerstone for preventing problematic mature dog behaviors; however, exposure must be controlled to ensure best results.

That's why 780's guidance councillors help you learn how to encourage safe fraternizing by proper introductions & controlled mingling with registered students.

Doggie drop-in that allows last minute pop-in visits increase the chances for traumatic experiences as the substitute teachers are more interested in making fast cash.

Avoid fast hang-outs with unknown guests & parents that disrupt cohesive group play.
Early puppy socialization with 5 Edmonton puppies meeting in a nose sniffing circle at 780's playground.

Cohesive intercommunication with Malinois & Red Heeler meeting on leash with their owners.



• Registered students only (safety) • Unregistered pups drop-in / pop-in welcome
• 1 free day of boarding & daycare (save money) • No free services
• Boarding kennel & daycare exposure (familiarization) • No aftercare
• Controlled critter introductions (read body language) • Uncontrolled 1st time meetings (hit-or-miss success)
• Shares "how to mingle" (future success) • Suggest fraternizing but without clarification

5. Get Schooled.

Schooling a puppy to come with private coaching lessons.
780's raising the level for puppy school plans to include; safe introductions, reading & redirecting for safe play, crating, take/out, sit, down, & come commands with strategic mixing time during recreation and recess breaks.

Desensitization during a grooming visit or veterinary appointment will also be addressed in schooling as pet parents and children help accustom your cub's body parts being examined by foreign hands.

Commands remain the same every month, but for students re-registering, 780 will customize for specific needs while encouraging readiness for meeting new people and pets; which is the most important temperament goal.

780 also provides 1 free ½ private coaching lesson to troubleshoot more challenging behavior.



• Grooming & vet visit desensitization (extra help) • No desensitization for grooming or vet visits
• Families & children welcome (more distractions) • No families allowed
• Commands specified (upfront) • Vague learning outcomes
• Customized learning options (advance skills) • No customization

6. Kindergarten Monthly.

Lots of personal learning space for owners & puppies in 780's monthly kindergarten.
780's puppy kindergarten amenities boast indoor & outdoor play areas, so summer & winter born litters can monkey-around all year long.

780's campus has 4 off-leash parks for tons of safe bouncing and tumbling in group chase time during the warmer months.

Lots of personal learning space aids concentration, when it's time to listen for new instruction, while limiting distractions in busier months.

For colder or rainy days, furball frolicking and guided compliance will continue inside; with 2 large indoor octagon college buildings to choose from.

Fresh drinking water & outdoor area potty breaks are available for all students and pet parents have lots of vehicle parking.




• Indoor & outdoor play areas (fun) • Indoor-only play areas
• Potty breaks (comfort) • No thought or spots for potty breaks
• Fresh drinking water (learning is thirsty work) • No drinking water
• Lots of space between students (concentration) • Cramped learning conditions

7. Certify Obedience.

Companion Dalmatian pup standing to attention learning leash obedience.
780’s obedience is led by a Certified Master Trainer's 8 years experience with rescues, breeder's high drive bloodlines, and the public's much-loved companions.

780's certification helps your family understand & plan for all the important stages of their life cycle periods:

Neo-natal, Transition, Awareness, Canine bonding, Human bonding, Fear impact, Seniority classification, Flight instinct, 2nd Fear impact, & Maturity.

780 grants the highest level of certification and experience for basic to advanced levels in canine communication.

8. Register for Class.

12+ puppies and owners posing for graduation photos at 780 Classes.
"Enrolling in puppy classes prior to three months of age can be an excellent means of improving obedience, strengthening the human-animal bond, and socializing puppies in an environment where risk of illness can be minimized."
- The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Whether raising a working whelp or companion cub; teach your puppy smarter with 780’s academy.


My critter doesn't have their 1st set of vaccinations & deworming yet but email me free helpful literature.