Edmonton private dog trainer teaching sit command skills to a Rottweiler with a toy.


Best 1 on 1 dog training business for 2019 certificate of excellence

Dog lessons for shake the paw.

780 dog trainers specialize private lessons in Edmonton by professional experience, certification, & results with $25 consults & money-back guarantees; to assist your goals.

780 delivers 8 years experience aiding Alberta's top rescues with their temperament tests, policies, & procedures; reducing euthanasia rates.

780 holds national certification from Canada West Canine Centre; granting knowledge & skills necessary for basic to advanced commands and utility for any high-drive K-9.

780's notorious for guiding results with owners committed to developing a cohesive relationship by leading their unique pet.

Whether you're teaching a rescue Pit Bull for the first time, progressing a puppy from classes, or seeking advanced help with your reactive mutt's aggression, your goal is to lead, not be mislead.

Here's 8 benefits of hiring our reputable canine instructors that will teach your family how to lead your dog to the next level:

1. Easy Schedule.

Evening behavior classes with a family & their Pit bull.
780's personal dog trainers deliver the area hands-on tutoring with flexible scheduling; to fit your family's busy timetable; starting with a ½ hr consult at our local facilities.

Since most mutts aren't used to being led by their owners consistently; they saturate early during learning; that's why sessions will continue at ½ hr with a goal for longer durations asap.

Appointments are not pre-set like group classes meeting twice a week indefinitely because it's imperative to have enough time for homework; to effectively progress with your pet; before returning.

For over 8 years our instructors have supplied the perfect learning opportunity; available Sundays - Fridays, Open all holidays & available evenings; closed Saturdays.

Avoid initial consults and lengthy schooling over ½ an hr since your k9 cannot learn past saturation; especially in new environments.



• Sunday - Friday • Pre-fixed dates only
• Available evenings • No evenings
• ½ hr consults • Consults over ½ hr
• Open all holidays • Closed weekends & holidays
• Homework between meet ups • Claims of quick fixes
• Reschedule when needed • No rescheduling
• At 780 with owner present • In-home without you present

2. One-on-One Lessons.

Free personal canine training with Great Dane, Axle.
Why pay for expert advice & professional help? 780 membership includes; free personal lessons every month; cheaper prices per hour, lower cost for board & train, & free in-home obedience literature.

Plus, free monthly pack walks (great for reactive rovers), & members' only off-leash parks; for continued socialization.


780 also provides 50% off all services and free puppy classes every month to our registered charity partner, Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta. Supporting 780 helps the rescues!


½ Hour CONSULT $25.00 FREE
1 Hour
($25 savings)
3 Hours
($75 savings)
5 Hours
($125 savings)
10 Hours
($125 savings)
20 Hours
($250 savings)
40 Hours
($400 savings)
Free membership 1st responders; Fire, Police, Military, & Veterans.

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$25 consults come with our 100% money-back guarantee so that you can meet with a professional; risk-free.

One-on-one lessons are best for pups 6 months & older whether seeking basic or advanced commands as group classes have too many distractions in the environment for effective learning.

Sessions are sold by-the-hour with the more time purchased; more affordable; and no expiry dates.

If advanced commands with distractions are desired, your certified guide will introduce 1 strategic k9 at a time; until multiple pets are present, while maintaining a safe environment, and controlled outcome.

Each guided lesson, we learn something new, for your family to implement at home before returning for the next session; meeting as often as your schedule can afford.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge



• Monthly freebies • No freebies
• Cheaper for members • No membership
• Free at-home literature • Pay for literature
• Free pack walks • No pack walks
• 100% money back guarantee • No refunds
• $25 consults • Costly upfront charges
• No expiry • Expiration dates on purchases
• 50% off services for charities • No support for community
• Basic to advanced • Circus acts
• All challenging behaviours • Even temperament only

3. All Breeds & Behaviors.

780 welcomes all canines; small to large breeds, high to low energy, puppies to seniors, social & anti-social, deaf, aggressive, fearful, feral, even temperament, non-neutered & non-spayed.

Pet behaviours.
Separation anxiety, incessant barking, digging, jumping, human & dog aggressive, food aggression, leash reactivity, resource guarding, reactive adult dogs, house breaking puppies.

Basic commands.
Crating, leash manners, sit, down, heel, come, drop, take, fetch, speak, tug, leave-it.

Advanced skills.
Socialization, integration, service, therapy, emotional support, guide, good neighbour testing, protection, guard, k-9, police, search and rescue, tracking, agility, scent detection.

High-drive working bloodlines.
Rottweiler, Shepherd, Malinois, Husky, Malamute, Border Collie, Blue Heeler, Pit bull, Argentine Dogo.

Showing in the ring.
Improving the handler to dog relationship thru communication for best Gaiting, Stacking, & Judges Exam results.
Personal protection k9 guard, Kelso, policing his security dog sign.

Adult dog obedience with Matt & large breed rescue in a sit command.



• All canines • No Pit bulls, Rottweilers, etc.
• Non-spayed, non-neutered • Must be fixed
• Dog & human aggression • Friendly only
• Puppy to senior • Adult only
• Pet integration • 1 pet at-a-time
• Service animals • Non-certified only
• Security types • No experience
• Showing • No titles

4. Certified & Amenities.

780's Master Trainer holds the highest professional certification in the area from Canadian Colleges.

Canada West Canine Centre School was the first academy recognized by the Private Career Education Institutions Agency of BC for real trade certification.

This brick-and-mortar college required full-time commitment; in-person, hands-on testing located in BC, for 6 weeks, with tuition of $4,400; consisting of 2 recognized certifications:


Equipped with knowledge and skills to successfully teach pups in basic and advanced commands and utility, or to operate a professional kennel.

Basic Commands.
Theory and practical application; proper use of equipment; evaluation; personalities; breed identification.

Customer Relations.
Instruction in and practical application of client's private and group classes; customer relations; professional ethics.

Advanced Commands.
Hand signals; off leash control, retrieval.

Groundwork for police K-9 or support dogs; obstacle introductions.

Kennel Management.
Management of a kennel; environmental and governing agencies.

Temperament Test.
Puppy Aptitude Tests; temperamental and sustainability testing of mature mutts.

Dog Care.
Anatomy; nutrition; disease; common parasites; genetic and environmental problems; grooming.


The knowledge and skills to teach any critter to any level of professional service.

Behavioral Problems.
Understanding / overcoming behavioral problems; establishing ground rules for the animal & man relationship.

Personal Protection.
Pet suitability / selection; definition / expectation; hands-on learning.

Attack Dog.
Getting ultimate control; building aggression; detecting / responding to critical points in conflicts.

Support Dog.
Pet suitability / selection; teaching to assist in all conditions / challenges.

Police K-9 Training.
Drug detection / searches; suspect transport; crowd control; physical fitness.

Scenting and tracking; reading canine's indicators; surface awareness; weather influence; article / man search; accelerants.

Pet suitability / selection; guarding skills; property searches.

Business Management.
Starting a business; setting fee schedule; competition; public relations.

Whereas online schools target eager, fly-by-night, quick starts that are attracted to the virtual school's marketing; $0 down. Guaranteed Externship. Easy Enrollment. Exceptional Results.


780's indoor & outdoor facilities help families achieve their education goals all year round; summer through winter.

780's commitment to pets includes 50 acres with 4 off leash parks and 2 octagon kennel buildings housing 30+ critters; available for distraction exercises to improve socialization skills.
International Association of Canine Professionals seal.

Canine training school certification #011-305; issued April 23, 2011.

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada seal.

780 Kennels BBB Business Review

Professional dog training certification #011-305; issued April 23, 2011.

Edmonton Alberta top 3 dog trainers certificate of excellence.

780's K9 school amenities.



• Canada's top academy • Generic college
• Hands-on schooling • Online learning
• Theory & practical application • Theory only
• Proper use of equipment • Equipment bias
• Tools are temporary • Tools as forever crutches
• Security & support dogs • Whatever is popular
• Professional ethics • Profit driven
• 50 acres • Rental property / none
• Indoor & outdoor areas • Indoor / outdoor only
• 4 off leash parks • No fenced parks
• Access to all types of distractions • No distractions on-hand

5. Trust & Respect.

780 perceives every pet as a one-of-a-kind animal; that's why your approach to canine instruction must be particular to more than just adopting a cheerful attitude.

780 considers your pet's age, sex, breed(s), drives, history, personality, core characteristics, and most importantly; trust in your relationship; not just guarantee results over-the-phone.


From 2016 to 2018, the Canadian dog population has continued to grow, population figures for 2018 increased to 8.2 million, up from 7.6 million in 2016.

The Pet Industry's media has elevated mutts to child-like status (humanization) to justify the cost of higher-priced products such as human grade ingredients in pet food (premiumization).

Public opinion & legal rulings continue to shift in favour of regulating or eliminating any activity harbouring potential for animal mistreatment.

Unfortunately for critters, potential is too vague a term for most tutors to grasp; as they selfishly humanize hounds for their emotional needs and business' profits when they promote that saying no = negative.

Now what do you get when you mix the humanization of pets with a generation of humans heavily influenced by new age child raising techniques from the 1950's that promote "never saying no to your children?".

Society has now effectively raised "fur-babies" without any rules or boundaries; claiming to always say "yes" (impossible); so unruly behaviours manifest into dangerous conduct.


But when self-proclaimed positive behaviorists in Alberta's Capital Region can't manage the challenging pet; they blame it for natural pet behaviour and suggest euthanasia.

We are discussing the difference between life & death; not positive & negative. Unless your pet is a battery?

Calling oneself a behaviorist / psychologist instead of a traditional title doesn't change the fact a K-9 is a canine is a k9.

Sharing boundaries with your companion encourages mutual respect; anything else is cruel.


780 promotes 2 concepts for foundational obedience; yes & no. Later we can introduce patience by a third notion; not now; that's trust.

The goal of 780's custom tutoring is to cultivate your companion's eagerness and repeatedly comply to verbal commands or hand signals, without need for constant treats; that's respect.

How do you teach an adult dog that does not respond to treats, toys, or praise? What if they would rather continue in their behaviour rather than follow your snack bribe?


Only teaching "yes" or solely administering "no" are both detrimental to one's understanding of boundaries in any relationship.

Whatever motivates your particular pup is used to shape new basic behaviours; while boundaries are established & maintained to proof consistency of said behaviours; through intermediate & advanced scenarios.

780 encourages everyone to be honest with themselves who claim to never have or will not practice saying no to their 1-of-a-kind animal.

If you currently use any kind of leash, collar, or harness; while on a walk; then you are saying no to 100% freedom in mobility. This applies to crating as well.

Logically, you could even conclude that not releasing treats fast enough or in large quantities; according to an animal's stomach; is a form of stating no; Sooooo negative!

Instead of gimmicky marketing jargon; 780 teaches how to communicate by your canine's inherent language; simplifying how to lead your hound.


According to Ed Frawley (50+ years experience; Leerburg), there are 3 types of all-positive behaviorists:

"Those who emulate Pet-Smart, which runs 100% all-positive courses and won't mention corrections in class…know better but choose to cash-in on the image of all-positive marketing."

"All-positive who love animals and push the concept but simply lack experience to know better."

"All-positive who compete and win in various k9 sports. These competitors do an excellent job of desensitizing the contesting animal to ignore distractions they will face in their respective sport."

Read the full article The Problem with All Positive Dog Training.


Michael D'Abruzzo (CEO of K9-1.world LLC est 1998) confirms the above title in his article:

"The Positive community, aka, the "friendly" community, has been guilty of criminal level fraud, negligence, and slander... causing harm to honest professionals; pet owners; the public; and the dogs themselves."

"There needs to be true regulation in this industry as to who can call themselves a professional. There needs to be government regulated educational programs that teach the real science...

"The correct application of all tools needs to be taught..."

"This leads to fraud for the consumer who pay money to a positive instructor and then discover that this is not the case. Verbal reprimands, gentle leaders, no pull harnesses, tugs on leashes are all forms of positive punishment.

False advertising leads to an unfair advantage toward competition among professionals that do not make false claims."

Read his very impressive resume & more False Statements of the Positive-Only community.

Aggressive Rottweiler.

Support dog, Roxy, holding car keys in her mouth.

Teaching fetch skills with rescue Pit Bull Dexter in our fenced dog park.

Search and rescue tracking with a Rottweiler.

Pit Bull rescue; Keera.

Obedience classes with a Pitbull & Chocolate Lab leading a group sit.

Commanding the stand with a Rottweiler on leash.

Schutznhund attack skills with a Rottweiler.

Alberta service dog registration for Roxy & Marla.

Registered emotion support dog Cane Corso.

780's ETHICS.


• Each animal is unique • Cookie-cutter approaches
• Homework required • Guaranteed results
• Don't reinvent the wheel • Gimmicky marketing
• Mutual respect • Humanization & premiumization
• Teach boundaries • Positive-only
• Logical language • Emotional language
• Life • Euthanasia
• Wisdom • Propaganda

6. References.

780's professional obedience program is notorious for specializing in large breed, aggressive, & rescues; including 8 years private lessons donated to Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta.

Many coaches fail these clients by forcing cookie-cutter approaches but when they don't respond, innocent critters & their owners are blamed.

After bouncing from one Edmonton positive-only instructor to the next, and after pre-paying hundreds of dollars with no results (especially for problematic behaviours) owner's travel a little further than city limits; finding help at 780.

Also, 780 is versed for helping high-drive working bloodlines; produced by breeders; seeking safe outlets for their energetic needs; like Search & Rescue skills with Belgian Malinois, "Beau" from the Delta Community Animal Shelter.

780's specialization doesn't mean that we solely work with the challenging mongrels; we appreciate the friendly fidos with even temperaments too; such as group obedience with Alberta 4H Beef Club.

Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta logo.



• Registered charities • No references
• 75+ reviews • Low-to-no reviews
• Unique testimonials • Generalized claims
• Basic to advanced goals • Simple results
• Dangerous behaviours • Even temperaments only
• All breeds • Companion only

7. Boarding & Training.

Board & train Belgian Malinois playing tug with certified obedience instructor.
780's send away camp is a powerful program to help Alberta families establish or reintroduce new behaviours; with a daily cost as low as $62.50/day for members.

Drop off camp is also a resource for preventing & redirecting unwanted behaviours such as; reactive, food aggressive, feral, human & dog aggression.

780 produces fantastic results; guided by a certified master instructor; while the wrong send away programs in Alberta can be disastrous.

Most goals are best achieved through strategic weekend courses coupled with one-on-one learning; first starting with a consult.

Avoid 1-stop-cure-alls from unprofessional facilities promoting mysterious approaches not explained & no aftercare.

780's goal is to get the ball rolling so that families can teach pets on their own as soon as possible; through learning & socialization; in a controlled environment.

780's BOARD & TRAIN.


• Start with a $25 consult • Costly upfront charges
• Owners involved in process • "Fix" everything without you
• 150+ reviews • Guarantee results
• Each pet is unique • Cookie-cutter timelines
• Free ½ hr aftercare consults • No aftercare
• Security & support canines • Whatever makes money
• Owner & tutor plan together • Approach not explained
• Teach when pet ready • Claim to start on day 1
• Mix private with send away • Send away only
• Boarding only visits can help too • No boarding facility

8. Train Your Dog with Help.

780's ½ hr consultations provide accurate assessments for the existing relationship between owner & animal; also, how to improve thru consistent leadership.

For the puppy that is motivated by toys we are not going to suggest the owner blindly offers treats during our puppy classes.

If during consults a critter displays very high-drive but does not have the confidence to teach security skills, we will not encourage further pursuits - just to sell them a service.

Instead, we may suggest tracking to funnel their high energy.

Stranger danger.
We also do not assume all k9's desire strangers to pet them; so, we don't act surprised if a guardian breed can't automatically be hugged.

We won't invent a "scientific" term to confuse the owners instead of simply sharing it's in their genetics to be wary of new people.

For k9's with no interest in socializing with others we're not going to encourage unrealistic expectations to "rehabilitate" them to be social butterflies attending off leash parks.

But we will help the owner develop a program that at the very least encourages their companion to tolerate others from a distance, while focusing on their owners, so they can enjoy walks in their neighbourhood; worry-free.

$25 consultations.
During your ½ hr consult we will meet as you share examples of your k9's undesirable behaviour(s).

Unwanted behaviour.
Through a series of questions, we will reveal complex underlying issues in simplified terms so that you will have a better understanding of your pet's unwanted behaviour(s).

Manage dog behaviour.
Then suggest specific schooling to address the root problem which will redirect your mutt's behaviour to your liking or learn to manage it.

Step-by-step program.
A correlating program, distinct to your unique scenario, will be explained to you step-by-step with hands-on instruction.

Specific tutoring.
We will help guide your pet through specific tutoring, avoiding trial-and-error, addressing all challenges as they arise.

Home exercises.
In-home continuing education exercises will be suggested with step-by-step goals to achieve within a timeline, based upon your schedule, before returning for the next hands-on tutoring.

Canine communication.
Immediate results will be apparent as canine communication improves; 780 will teach how to see your mutt's micro improvements as you continue learning.

All your questions will be answered to ensure confidence & ability to lead your own dog.
High-drive Belgian Malinois with his bite tug.

Shadow working on his down command.

Getting a good recall with Lego.

Indoor agility obstacle course with Loki learning the weaving poles.

Husky & Pitty focusing on their leader.

100% Money Back Guarantee.