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Pet boarding for Edmonton; facilities, staff, & enrichment specialized to your unique pet with extra resting spaces, exercise, socializing & training options providing owner's peace of mind. Voted People's Choice and leading the pet boarding industry in Edmonton; with your help. Book a $25 consult with our 100% money back guarantee. CALL or EMAIL.

Pet Boarding for Edmonton; All Dogs Welcome.

Pet Boarding for Edmonton All Dogs Welcome
Pet Boarding for Edmonton that welcomes all dogs; small to large breeds, high to low energy, puppies to seniors, social & anti-social, aggressive & fearful, pets on medications, non-neutered & non-spayed and pets on the raw food diet. 780's pet boarding is also versed in overnight care for Edmonton k9's with high-drive working bloodlines.

Small guests are kept separate from large ones, each with their own designated inside resting areas and outside exercise runs to limit the "chance run in" between the varied sizes.

780's pet boarding finds that, in general, Edmonton's high energy guests prefer spending time with other high energy dogs rather than those with low energy. To be more accurate, the high energy k9's like all dogs but the low energy pets tend to tire of the constant demands for attention by the hyper ones.

Canines are typically kept within their same age groups as puppies love to play with puppies while seniors usually like to be around other senior dogs but at more of a distance. Seniors would call this a "healthy social distance". Therefore, 780's pet boarding distinguishes Edmonton critters by ages 6 months and under, 6 months to 1yr, 2 to 5 years, and finally, seniors.

780's pet boarding understands the major difference between Edmonton's social pets and anti-social pets (whether with dogs or humans), no matter what their size, age, sex, breed, or energy. Which is why providing varying degrees of "sociability" is best practice. Social dogs can have more of a community experience while anti-social dogs can enjoy independent, but not isolated, visits to 780.

Pet Boarding Facilities & Staff for Edmonton.

Pet Boarding Facilities & Staff for Edmonton
780's pet boarding, has 2 octagon kennel buildings, located in Stony Plain on 50 acres of quiet farmland; providing year-round pet boarding to Edmonton. Indoors, canine clients enjoy Wi-Fi climate controlled, custom built, independent, resting spaces; secured by plexiglass doors with puck board walls trimming the enclosure; completed by raised swivel feeding dishes.

Private entrances & exits for every kennel room with access to 20'x20' outdoor exercise runs of country soil, 6ft high chain link fencing, angled perimeter tops to detour jumpers, and cement patio slabs within specific areas to thwart diggers. 780's pet boarding offers Edmonton canines 2 octagon kennels sharing 4 off-leash dog parks totalling 200' x 130' of fenced outdoor playing space.

780's pet boarding staff are dog trainers, with pet first-aid, delivering Edmonton families with 24hr on-site care just 15 mins from several veterinary clinics. Having detailed experience serving the area's largest rescue groups, breeder's high-drive working blood lines and the public's much-loved canines, we are most qualified to provide overnight pet boarding for Edmonton families.

Pet Boarding Rates for Edmonton.

1 Canine $30.00
($5 savings per day)
2 Canines $57.50
($10 savings per day)
3 Canines $82.50
($15 savings per day)
1 Canine $180.00
($30 savings per week)
2 Canines $345.00
($60 savings per week)
3 Canines $495.00
($90 savings per week)
1 Canine $720.00
($120 savings per month)
2 Canines $1,380.00
($240 savings per month)
3 Canines $1,980.00
($360 savings per month)
Pet Boarding Edmonton Off Leash Dog Parks

Pet Boarding Edmonton Double Indoor Resting Areas

Pet Boarding Edmonton Enrichment Options
* Edmonton Military families enjoy membership pricing for free *
** Free boarding on Saturdays when you like 780 Kennels on Facebook **

Per Dog as Requested

$2.50 per day for Medicine
$10 Soft Bedding Rental (per visit & no replacement cost if needed)
$2.50 per day feeding your raw dog food
$2.50 per day 780 supplied Food (Acana) if not provided
$2.50 per day for 15mins of unsupervised exercise time (no limit to frequency)

Off Peak Season Enrichment Options (Jan-May & Sept-Nov)

$7.50 per day for double or $10 for triple the amount of indoor resting area
$5 per day for double outside exercise runs or $7.50 for triple

780's B.E.T.R. Boarding (Behaviour, Exercise, Training, Relationship)

  • BOARD and TRAIN while your dog visits 780
  • Reduces stress and builds a bond while standardizing your dog's overall behaviour
  • FREE ½ hr consultation after every B.E.T.R. visit (training only)
Behaviour improves manners your social dog knows at home; providing mental enrichment.
$2.50/ day per command: take, sit, down, etc. before receiving a privilege.

Exercise is fun physical enrichment 1-on-1 with staff.
$25 per ½ hour: leashed walks, running or playing with a toy in our 4 dog parks.

Training enriches mental & physical stimulation with a certified master dog trainer.
$45 per ½ hour for non-members & $37.50 per ½ hour for members; basic & advanced.

Relationship grows bonding enrichment with staff by 1-on-1 petting time.
$15 per ½ hour: petting & extra socializing with humans.

Pet Boarding; for the 1st Time in Edmonton?

Pet Boarding for the 1st Time in Edmonton

Pet Boarding Edmonton Consults

Pet Boarding and Training Edmonton
780's pet boarding recommends Edmonton families the following steps to ease dogs into their 1st board experience with us. Depending on your pet's socialization and the length of stay we may suggest a quick intro or several consecutive visits necessary for a slow introduction to the new environment. Each visit, with your help, will determine what B.E.T.R. boarding options suit your unique pet.

  1. Use the reservation request below to book a $25 boarding consult; sharing your pet's biography, helping us prepare.
  2. Visit and view boarding amenities leaving your pet(s) for a ½ day, or less, with trainers to perform an evaluation.
  3. Return for pick up discussing your pet's interactions with staff, amenities & guests; together, planning how best proceed; perhaps another day visit, or 1 overnight stay, and B.E.T.R. options to help the lengthy stay.
  4. The day of your consult use the $25 as a down payment purchasing membership to save on future stays & services.
  5. Each visit fine tune if necessary, prepping for the best long -term boarding stay possible.
  6. After the long stay, as a member, use 1 free monthly boarding visit to maintain socialization.
780's pet boarding suggests Edmonton families take the above steps within 2 weeks of the intended lengthy boarding stay with pets staying home at least 1 night between visits to 780.

What to Bring
  • Proof of Vaccinations; Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Free from parasites.
  • Food in a Tupperware like container. Raw food provided in daily rations
  • Treats but no raw hides as these can be choking hazards
  • Kong brand toys only
  • Medicine if necessary
  • Download, print & sign 780's Contract & Release Waiver
  • Government issued photo I.D. is mandatory for drop-off & pick-up
Do Not Bring
  • Crates
  • Bedding or blankets from home. Beds can be rented for $10 per stay.
  • Dishes as 780 will provide clean drinking & eating bowls
  • Cheap toys, squeaky toys, ropes or any choking hazards

Pet Boarding Reservations for Edmonton Families.

Certified Master Trainer playing tug with high-drive working dog.
780 Membership is $199/year
Savings on all services plus 1 free day of pet boarding every month.

Step 1: Send a reservation "request"
Step 2: Receive a phone call from us to book with a $30 non-refundable deposit
Step 3: Receive an email confirming your request is an official reservation
Step 4: Bring proof of vaccinations, food, waiver & contract for drop off

Members enjoy guaranteed boarding reservations without any delays or deposits.

3 large dogs, 'Magnus', 'Swagger' & 'Peter' playing in their private exercise areas

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Vaccines & Parasite Treatment

B.E.T.R./Grooming Requests

B.E.T.R. Options
Behaviour is $2.50/day per command: take, sit, down, etc. before receiving a privilege.
Exercise is $25 per ½ hour: leashed walks, running or playing with a toy in our 4 dog parks.
Training is $45 per ½ hour for non-members & $37.50 per ½ hour for members; basic & advanced.
Relationship is $15 per ½ hour: petting & extra socializing with humans.

Grooming Options
Bath: $20-60 depending on weight of dog & coat type.
Brush: $20+ depending on coat type.
Ears: $15 non-members, $10 members.
Nails: $15 non-members, $10 members.

First Day of Visit * 7-9am drop-off4-6pm drop-off

Last Day of Visit * 7-9am pick-up4-6pm pick-up


If you do not hear from us within 48 hrs please call direct.

Dog grooming station at 780 Kennels

Small pooch at 780 Kennels Brussels Griffon 'Lenny'

Puppy boarding for the first time at 780 Kennels Blue Heeler 'Macy'