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780's dog day care is specialized to your unique doggie. That's how 780's doggy daycare is serving Edmonton; one unique dog at a time; with their family's help.
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Doggy Daycare; 7 Google Reviews.

March 2018
"After our first training & daycare consults it’s clear that 780 Kennels knows what they are doing. The staff are very knowledgeable, the kennel is clean, well maintained & organized. We look forward to working with our dog at your facility with the support and guidance we need."
"JAGER" 5/5  

February 2018
"We’ve been going to 780 Kennels since our pup was 3 months old. He’s now about to turn 1 year, and we are so happy with the training sessions and the experiences he’s had with their boarding & daycare enrichment options. Highly recommend 780 for any canine of any age."
"PEPPER" 5/5  

February 2018
"Very friendly staff & a great facility. The staff are very understanding to the individual needs of owners and dogs, which is refreshing nowadays. They have a great understanding of dog and human behaviour to help you and your dog get the most out of your relationship. They take the time needed to explain everything and I never felt rushed in the process. What a great daycare and will be recommending it to all dog owners."
"GOOSE" 5/5  

December 2017
"Sorry this might be a bit long. Our dog, Bear, has aggressive issues to some people and dogs but at home he is super sweet and affectionate. We've had Bear in daycare since he was 3 months but due to his breed/size and protective nature (he's considered a Moscow watchdog) the daycares were struggling to keep him under control. We started working with him and through that found 780 KENNELS. Which at the very least have been lifesavers for us.

"At other daycares we were stressed every pick up and drop off, scared something or someone would walk in unexpected. Noting Bear came home with just as much energy as he went there with... Then we found 780 Kennels. We pull up to the gates area worry free because the way they have it set up makes it completely stress free for the dogs. Bear is always excited and happy to go. Every time we bring him there they completely go above and beyond any expectations we would have and they love Bear the way we do at home. I honesty don't think we will ever go anywhere else. When we get there Bear is so unbelievably excited and stress free...Now when we go there he acts just like they are family. The silly back arch and tail wags that we get at home when he's excited to see us. I truly believe he feels it's his second home. I never imagined I'd feel worry and stress free about leaving my dog. I'm sure Adam noticed with all the texts and calls the first time we left Bear. I was terrified and felt horrible. Those feelings are completely gone with 780’s boarding because I know he loves them and is comfortable and happy there. I'm so, so, thankful to have all of you there and I know Bear is as thankful as me. I could say so much more but I think whoever reads this will understand. Thank you for going above and beyond for Bear and above all understanding his needs and making him happy."
"BEAR" 5/5  

February 2017
"Adam has always been incredibly accommodating with my dog. His prices are right and my dog receives great care whenever she stays at 780. Staff are friendly and have clear and safe boundaries when dealing with the dogs..."
"MESHACH" 5/5  

"Thank you 780 Kennels, you really put our mind at ease after a poor experience at a daycare in Edmonton. We have learned so much from your puppy training classes and Bruce will definitely be attending dog daycare with you guys, in Stony Plain, going forward. We look forward to our next step in dog training for agility. You went above and beyond."
"BRUCE" 5/5  

"We had issues with a rescue dog...We tried taking him to several different dog trainers, and doggy daycare's but nothing worked until we found 780. We worked with Adam and followed his recommendations. With time and lots of work with our dog and Adam, he went from pulling you on a walk to walking beside you. From running away when you called him to coming to you when you called him etc. I can't be more happy and thankful for how Adam and 780 Kennels treats our dog and how much we have learned from them."
"DIESEL" 5/5  

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Doggy Daycare Edmonton

Doggy Daycare; 3 Yellow Pages Reviews.

February 22, 2018
"Adam and his team are amazing. We desperately needed a daycare for our little Magoo, and they treat him with such loving care. Not just our little guy, when I broke my foot, they came out every morning to get him from my vehicle and brought him out to me every afternoon. Can’t say enough about them and highly recommend 780’s daycare."
"MAGOO" 5/5  

May 15, 2017
"Very professional and a well-planned daycare layout, well worth the money."
"HANK" 5/5  

March 26, 2017
"The people are super friendly and knowledgeable. The puppy classes are organized and there's always multiple instructors present so you and your puppy get plenty of 1-on-1 attention & instruction. They really work with you so your dog has the best opportunity to growing into a good k9 citizen. *Update* Jugger has been attending day care once a week for the past 2 months and I have seen nothing but great things. He literally runs up to great each and every staff member when we arrive."
"JUGGER" 5/5  

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Doggy Daycare; 2 Better Business Bureau Reviews.

March 13, 2018
"780 Kennels has been fantastic for my Rottie. Adam and his staff are true dog lovers and it is obvious in the reaction from my dog when I pull up to the establishment. We used 780 when they were at their old location and thought the had a good set up for the dogs once they were "checked-in". The addition at the new location to have a caged drop off zones make it a perfect set up from drop off to pick up."
"MADDI" 5/5  

October 8, 2018
"My Great Dane was 6 months old when I found 780 Kennels. He knew the basic commands, but was becoming overly excited, and started attacking me on walks & while playing. Driving over 1 hour to see Adam, I was desperate to set boundaries with my puppy & learn how to lead. After 2 months of private lessons, we are making progress. Our walks have become much safer. I also use the daycare, boarding and grooming services. 780 KENNELS have yet to disappoint. Adam and his team are great and you could tell they love their jobs. I will continue to use the kennel for all my puppy’s needs."
"BOGEY" 5/5  

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Doggy Daycare; 10 Facebook Reviews.

March 20, 2018
"Nice facility, great people who really enjoy spending time with your dog, you leave knowing they are in good care."
"MOOSE" 5/5  

March 6, 2018
"When we pull up to the driveway, Rufus starts getting super excited. As soon as he is let into the daycare, he is gone, sniffing under the doors, looking for his friends, of which he has quite a few! The staff are super friendly, and best of all, I know they love my dog. We have also left him there for boarding several times, and we never, ever worry about him. Rufus has the time of his life, every time, and he is so very well taken care of. I recommend 780 to every dog owner in my life - even if they already have a daycare."
"RUFUS" 5/5  

February 23, 2018
"780 Kennels is a beautiful facility and the people running it are great!"
"JACOB" 5/5  

Feb 19, 2018
"I'm a new puppy owner after 13 yrs. 780’s daycare staff have been amazing. Always helpful. They love my Wally and he loves to go there. I won’t go anywhere else and I highly recommend them."
"WALLY" 5/5  

February 9, 2018
"These guys were so much better than we even could have hoped for. My 8-year-old boxer had very limited experience with boarding and had recently had a bad experience at another daycare we'd tried. So, when we had to leave him for 7 days I was really worried that he would be scared or stressed. He's rarely even home alone let alone boarding for a week.

We could tell right away that these guys were different. It was very clear that they recognize the level of trust you're placing in them and that they really care about these dogs. We took our dog for a day trial visit, an overnight and finally a 7 day stay… Every time we picked him up he was completely relaxed, confident and had clearly bonded with their staff. He was happy to see us but having so much fun we had to coax him into the car to go home.

Each visit we had a chance to interact with the staff who are all adults, which I appreciated. They took the time to walk us through each visit and how it went. We could reach them any time over text to check on him. They were extremely professional, courteous and very obviously love and understand dogs. I'd encourage anyone looking for boarding to give these guys a call because we were SO impressed."
"GUS" 5/5  

Jan 4, 2018
"780 Kennels is awesome. They always treat our dogs very well and we trust them and their services. Thank you."
"JAWS & RHYNO" 5/5  

Nov 19, 2017
"We have been taking our Cane Corso, Luna, there for daycare & boarding. She’s a little timid, especially towards men, so we were worried how she would react with the male staff. But the staff were patient with the dog and they knew how to approach Luna with her timid nature; taking baby steps to making her comfortable in a new environment. With the daycare & boarding stays they suggested a progressive approach leading to the full length of boarding when we left for 2 weeks. Overall, the approach worked well with Luna. As each time she went to the kennel her stress level seemed to go down and noticed a little more confidence in her each time. 780 KENNELS has a great facility, each dog has its own pen inside and outside. We like how they group the dogs by their energy level, and still have the fences between them ensuring the dogs safety but also prevents them from being isolated and still be able to interact with other dogs outside behind a chain fence. The only downside I could say is that it takes about 45 mins to get there from the north side Edmonton, but we are more than happy to take the trip knowing Luna is in good hands. Thanks 780 KENNELS for your love and dedication to our k9 family member."
"LUNA" 5/5  

September 2017
"My dog, Striker, can be a difficult, reactive dog when at home. 780 staff are the only people I trust to take care of him... They know how to manage his quirks and keep him safe when I can't take him with me."
"STRIKER" 5/5  

Aug 7, 2017
"These guys always take such good care of Avon and he is so tired when i pick him up, which is proof that he had a good time. I would recommend 780 to anyone who wants to know their dog is well taken care of. Make sure you get the membership as it has paid itself off in no time and the best part is that as a member they will always accommodate you which is important for a last minute traveller like myself."
"AVON" 5/5  

March 2017
"780 rocks. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I have a bully puppy who like all bullies is a tad hard headed. They are working on all aspects of his behavior and each session I notice changes. He also does daycare and 1 night a week he boards overnight which is the high light of his week. I highly recommend them for all your dogs needs."
"CAPONE" 5/5  

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