Dog Training, Responsibly

What makes 780 Different?

780 believes that Dog Trainers defining their Training styles as “positive” and anyone Training differently must then be “negative” is merely their biased gimmicky marketing attempt which insults customer’s intelligence. Seriously, what self-respecting human doesn’t believe in Training dogs as nice as possible?

Ironically, Dog Trainers promoting “Pawsitive Only” methods are not only providing a disservice to the uniqueness of every dog but also to themselves because if every Edmonton Dog Trainer were to market themselves as “positive” then how would customers be able to tell any of them apart? Which Dog Trainer is better? The positive Dog Trainer or the Dog Trainer that is positive?

Very, very sadly it has been 780’s experience that these Dog Trainers are often the ones suggesting euthanasia for dogs they cannot help. 780 reminds the public that we are promoting complete responsibility as dog owners and to avoid mentalities that isolate Training jargon as the only criteria when making decisions for Dog Training specifically and dog care as a whole.

Dog Training 101

780’s Dog Training promotes two impartial definitions for Training methods; Coercion & Compulsion while encouraging the public to recognize these methods as tiny slices comprising the Dog Training pie.

Coercion deals with compliance motivated by physical or mental pleasure (think treats, toys, verbal and/or physical praise), while Compulsion deals with compliance motivated by physical or mental force (think raising your voice or suggesting with the leash). The highest level of achievement in Dog Training is accomplished through Coercive Training practices. The highest level of reliability in Dog Training is accomplished through Compulsive Training practices.

Primarily, Coercion is used to teach new concepts (think puppies and dogs that are new to your home). Always introduced responsibly and as a Trainer’s last choice, Compulsion may or may not be implemented temporarily/periodically to create consistency (think dog chasing a cat but reluctantly comes back to you when called and avoids getting hit by a car it didn’t see but you did). Just as there are varying degrees of Coercion (think dog really likes liver treats but you give a less desired treat) the same is true for Compulsion (think leash suggestion on a harness vs on a collar).

780’s Dog Training is completely unparalleled by any other style of Dog Training in Edmonton.

Where conventional Dog Training exclusively uses either Coercive or Compulsive reinforcement, 780’s Dog Training uses a continuous flux of mutual styles dependent on the particular needs of each individual dog. Training with only one reinforcement style is incomplete. Dogs Trained solely Coercive or Compulsive can both suffer from behavioural challenges and most Dog Trainers who claim to use both styles often do not understand how to blend them appropriately nor do they take into account the complete responsibility of dog care.

780’s Dog Training “Theory” centers on the human’s broad responsibility and maintains all dogs are completely innocent, eliminating the humanization of dogs which improves communication and fosters a mutually rewarding relationship.

Every Dog is Unique

For the Puppy that is motivated by toys we are not going to suggest the owner blindly offers treats during 780’s Puppy Classes. If during a Training CONSULT a dog displays very high drive but does not have the confidence to Train for Security, we will not allow a customer to join 780’s Security Club, instead we may suggest 780’s Tracking, Biking, Kick Sledding or Weight Pulling Clubs. We do not assume all dogs desire strangers to pet them. 780’s Dog Training can testify that most dogs displaying unwanted dog behaviour just simply need a job to do but cannot write a letter to their owner explaining their frustration so instead it comes out in dog behaviour their owners decide is “bad”.

Dogs fresh to Training at 780 are not expected to perform in the new environment very well or for a long time which is why our CONSULTS and Training sessions are only a ½ hour for beginners. If a dog has absolutely no interest in socializing with others we are not going to encourage the owners unrealistic expectation to “rehabilitate” them to be social butterflies attending off leash dog parks, but we will help the owner develop a program that at the very least encourages their dog to tolerate others from a distance while focusing on them so that they can participate in 780’s Monthly Pack Walks.

Since 780 Trains EVERYTHING DOG all day long we have the experience necessary to help advance your understanding of dog responsibility so that you can start seeing what we see and eventually Train on your own. Once you are confident Training by yourself then you might start helping your friends and family understand their dogs too, which permits 780 more time to help other people. Together we can help more dogs than if we were to attempt by ourselves.

Although 780’s Operator, Adam Kidd, can add “Certified Master Trainer” to his resume for saving “last chance” dogs displaying dog aggression, human aggression, and redirected handler aggression (which if not Managed would result in euthanasia), when asked how to Train dogs his answer is “See with your eyes, hear with your ears and Manage thru your heart”.

$25 Training CONSULTS

780’s goal is to develop a Training program that takes into account the uniqueness of your dog and your total history together so that you can Train with as much Coercion as possible and virtually no or limit the amount of Compulsion necessary, built upon a foundation of overall dog responsibility.

780 encourages everyone to be honest with themselves who claim to never have or will not practice Compulsion as motivation because if you have ever raised your voice at a dog or currently use any kind of leash, collar or harness then you are using some level of Compulsion to control your dog. Logically, you could even conclude that not releasing treats (Coercion) fast enough or in large quantities according to your dog’s desires is a form of Compulsion. Sooooo negative!

Ultimately, 780’s Dog Training is helping people understand the blessed responsibility of Training their dog from every aspect.

Email or call direct 780-887-8805. If you are not completely satisfied, it’s on us.

Purchase MEMBERSHIP on the same day of your CONSULT and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. All pricing is discounted for MEMBERS.

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