Why 780’s Puppy Training?

Puppy Classes

Fun & Educational Puppy Classes for the Edmonton area

780’s Puppy Classes located in Stony Plain of Parkland County are the perfect blend of fun and education for you, your puppy and our Dog Trainers.

780’s Puppy classes help you and your puppy plan for all the important stages of your puppy’s life cycle to understand feeding, socializing, training, grooming, playing & exercising goals necessary to shape your innocent puppy into a friendly, even temperament, adult dog.

6 classes within 3 weeks of obedience and socialization with humans and dogs is complimented by specific desensitization with a 780 Dog Groomer & certified Veterinarian in the final week.

Safe Puppy Training Classes with a Certified Master Dog Trainer, Veterinarian and a Groomer

780’s Puppy Training Classes are facilitated by several Dog Trainers (not just one!) who have detailed Experience serving Edmonton’s largest Rescue groups, Breeder’s high drive working blood lines and the public’s much loved puppies. Our Trainers will help you read any initial signs of problematic dog behaviour and prevent it from escalating while developing a trusting bond with your puppy necessary to create reliability in obedience. A Certified Veterinarian will simulate an examination and a 780 Dog Groomer will perform a mock Grooming session.

Edmonton’s Puppy Classes focused on Dog Responsibility

780 understands that every puppy is a unique animal so we must custom tailor our approach when motivating, teaching, re-enforcing and proofing our puppy’s education. The following questions and more will be addressed to help us understand total puppy responsibility:

  • What motivates your particular puppy? Treats, Toys or Praise?
  • What is “socialization” and “desensitization” and “engagement”?
  • What is fair to expect from your puppy and what is not?
  • What is the difference between one-on-one training vs group training?
  • How do I teach my puppy basic obedience vs advanced obedience?
  • Are Off Leash Dog Parks and Dog Daycares safe for my puppy?
  • What tools and techniques should I use or not use with my puppy?
  • Why do some people rescue and some people purchase puppies?

Specific Obedience
Leash manners, Crate training, Take/out, Sit & down, Recall and desensitization for a Grooming visit or Veterinary appointment.

BEWARE of Puppy Classes that promote humans standing idle and Trainers comment how everyone’s puppies are so cute while watching the puppies play with each other in a giant mass of excitement for an hour. This does nothing to develop engagement or 2 way communication between the puppies and owners.

How to Book your Puppy Training Classes

All Puppy Training Classes start on the 1st Sunday of every month and continue for 3 weeks with a price of $150. Puppy Training, Basics, meet twice per week and each class is 45 mins. Puppy Training, Tracking, or Puppy Training, Agility, meet once per week and each class is 90 mins.

Ages 6 Months & Under Sunday Tuesday
Puppy Training, Basics 10-1045am 6-645pm
Puppy Training, Tracking 12-130pm -----------
Puppy Training, Agility 2-330pm -----------

Email adam@780kennels.com to register for 780’s Puppy Training Classes.

780 BONUS: Each consecutive registration to a Puppy Training Class grants savings of $25, therefore, a second Puppy Class is only $125 and a third Puppy Class is only $100. Register for all 3 Puppy Classes and receive 780 MEMBERSHIP free for the year, a savings of $175! MEMBERSHIP grants savings on Training, Boarding, Daycare & Grooming. All Things Dog!


  • Proof of Vaccinations; Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Puppies less than 4 months do not require a Rabies vaccination and all dogs must have their 2nd sets of shots minimum.
  • Certificate of Health from your veterinarian including free from Lice, Fleas & Ticks.
  • Leashed Puppy with tons of their favourite small, wet, treats or favourite non-squeaky toy. Whatever motivates most!

All Puppy Classes are by Registration Only & No Late Sign-ups.