Why 780’s Dog Training?

Edmonton’s Dog Training Headquarters

780’s Dog Training, serving EVERYTHING DOG for Edmonton, includes; Puppy Classes,  Basic & Advanced Training, Security, Tracking, Weight Pulling, Kick Sledding, Biking and monthly Pack Walks for 780 MEMBERS.

780 KENNELS Specializing in Large Breed Dogs, Aggressive Dogs & Rescue Dogs does not mean that we solely work with the challenging ones, we appreciate the friendly dogs with even temperaments too.

780’s Dog Training perceives every dog as a one-of-a-kind animal, therefore your approach to Training must be particular to every dog’s sex, breed(s), age, drive, history, personality, core characteristics and most importantly – trust in your relationship. 780’s Dog Training is respectful and humane to all dogs & empowers customers with the proper education and tools to successfully continue Training their dog(s) by themselves.

The goal of 780’s Dog Training is to have your dog(s) repeatedly comply with a single verbal command or hand signal. Results are immediate and long lasting.

Dog Trainers without Comparison in Edmonton Area

780’s Dog Trainers are most qualified having detailed Training experience serving Edmonton’s largest Rescue groups, Breeder’s high drive working blood lines and the public’s much loved companion dogs.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, if you have a puppy, mature or senior, small, medium or large dog from a Rescue or a Breeder our $25 Training CONSULT is your next step in advancing communication with your dog.

Dog Training Environment

780’s Dog Training creates the perfect learning environment so that you can be taught as much as possible in the least amount of time, saving you money. The outdated scenario of 10-20 people and their dogs in one classroom does not give enough one-on-one time with the ‘Dog Trainer’ to teach, and your dog is too distracted by the other dogs to be Trained.

All Training Sessions are One-on-One with a 780 Trainer unless partaking in the Sunday Group Training classes.

Dog Training Schedule

780’s Dog Training is also distinguished by the Training schedule we offer. Whereas outdated Dog Training classes offer a rigid schedule of 2 times per week for 4-6 weeks, 780’s Dog Training is flexible to your unique timetable. Customary classes force commitment to lessons you may not need and a timeline you cannot make as life is unpredictable, however, 780’s Dog Training is tailored to meet your needs and schedule.

Email adam@780kennels.com or call direct 780-887-8805. If you are not completely satisfied, it’s on us.

Purchase MEMBERSHIP on the same day of your CONSULT and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. All pricing is discounted for MEMBERS.

Proof of Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo & Rabies. Download 780’s Release Waiver.