780’s Schools: Manageable Dog Training

Canada’s Dog Training School for Humane Societies & Dog Rescue

780’s Manageable Dog Training School is the only School in Canada with a curriculum specifically designed to help National, Provincial & Local Humane Societies and Dog Rescue achieve & maintain a true Low-to-No-Kill Policy via 780’s Manageable Dog Program.

Specializing in Large Breed Dogs, Aggressive Dogs & Rescue Dogs while serving EVERYTHING DOG to the public combined with 780’s experience helping Edmonton’s top Dog Rescue groups re-home dogs exhibiting challenging behaviour has provided valuable insight regarding the universal hardships faced by animal welfare as well as precise trials of each Dog Rescue in their attempts to responsibly meet the insatiable demands of Rescue.

With an unknown history, breed mix, age, socialization and motivation, the biggest test for a Dog Trainer is the “Rescue Dog”. With an endless number of dogs needing help from very limited supply of government funding and public donations, the biggest challenge for Humane Societies and Rescue groups are the “Rescue Dogs”. With successful humanization of dogs in the public’s minds & hearts fuelled by the media for the last 25 years, the hardest concept for Fosters, Adopters and Volunteers (FAV’s) to grasp is setting up for success, the “Rescue Dog”.

780’s Manageable Dog Training School is the first in Canada to offer a comprehensive understanding and approach of not only “The Rescue” but EVERYTHING DOG.

Certified Dog Trainers Only

780’s Manageable Dog Training School is not for the amateur interested in learning “how to Train dogs” as our School does not merely promote Dog Training theory “X” is better than Dog Training theory “Y”, as this self-deceiving mentality ultimately avoids responsibility for the uniqueness of each dog and leads to unnecessary euthanasia. On the contrary, 780’s Manageable Dog Training School offers a rock solid foundation in Dog Responsibility that each distinct Society & Dog Rescue can build upon to help save more dogs who exhibit challenging behaviour.

’s Manageable Dog Training School is specifically helping those Societies & Dog Rescues that understand the mathematical truth behind the more dogs they Rescue the higher the chances of bringing dogs into their program which have behavioural challenges that will not respond favourably to the traditional assessment, Training and re-homing procedures.

Sadly, there is only so much time and money allotted per dog so tough decisions have to be made. This scenario is often a large contributing factor to high staff turnover rate from low morale and the reduction of public support in volunteer time and monetary donations, all of which negatively impact future dogs.

780’s School invites Head Trainers and Operation Managers to visit and learn first-hand how to initiate a responsible Rescue, Re-Train and Re-Home program such as 780’s Manageable Dog Program to help save more dog’s lives.