Manageable Dog Training: Enrollment

780’s Manageable Dog Training School accommodates your current timetable allowing you to attend School when convenient for your busy schedule from Jan – May and Sept – Nov.

We offer the same course load with alternate timelines focused for National, Provincial & Local organizations. All 3 options meet the needs of an Operations Manager or head Trainer of an animal welfare organization as they have the authority to effectively make the necessary changes within their group to mirror our example of 780’s Manageable Dog Program.

National – (7 Days) is recommended for those Societies who out of necessity fast track their education and get back to their work, typically in another province outside of Alberta and logistically can’t travel back and forth. 780 understands that Rescue never ends so we want to equip you as fast as possible and get you back to where you are needed.

You will be Training 7 days in a row so come rested and prepared to learn. There are plenty of accommodations nearby and you will also be responsible for transportation to and from the Kennel.

Provincial – (7 Weeks) is suggested for those animal welfare organizations geographically located in or near Edmonton, Alberta and have time to learn at 780 KENNELS and then travel back to their small to medium Society or Dog Rescue. Requirements are attending on the same day of the week for 7 consecutive weeks. You will still have the same amount of hours per day as our National option but with more time in between School days.

Local – (7 Months) is first choice for a smaller Dog Rescue or someone thinking of starting their own Rescue sometime in the near future and have the time to drive back and forth from their home city and 780. Meeting at 780 KENNELS once per month for 7 months grants much time to create a solid internal structure for implementing the learned material at 780.

National, Provincial or Local $5,460 (+ tax)
The candidate will donate their time to enrich the lives of dogs enrolled in 780’s Manageable Dog Program at the Kennel for 7 days while learning the complete process to Rescue, Re-Train and Re-Home a Manageable Dog. Hands-on Education includes: Dog Assessments, Training, Enrichment, Screening of Foster/Adopter/Volunteer’s (FAV’s) and our standardized process for the Foster/Adoption of a Manageable Dog transitioning from our Kennel to the home. Theory includes Videos, Training, Workshops and Literature recommended by 780 to compliment. 780 will help you understand the differences between an Adoptable vs Manageable vs Sanctuary Dog and how to responsibly implement your own program.

Deposit for all programs is $780. Final payment ($5,460 less deposit) is due 14 days before commencement date. No Refunds on Deposits.

Email to apply for 780’s Manageable Dog Training School.
Please note applying does not guarantee enrollment, 780 reserves the right to refusal.

Copy of valid Driver’s License, Criminal Background Check, Letter of Intent & Recommendation from associated Humane Society or registered Dog Rescue, Doctor’s Note, Personal or Professional References, Minimum 3 yrs Experience Training Dogs and previous Dog Training Certification (proof).