780’s Schools

780’s Schools are the only Schooling in Canada specifically designed to help both the Dog Enthusiast & Certified Dog Trainer update their existing skills & services.

780’s Dog Training School is customized for the Dog Enthusiast interested in offering a new dog related service or improving their existing service(s) such as Dog Boarding/ Pet Sitting, Grooming, Daycare, Rescue, Training, Breeding or Kennelling to their established clientele.

780’s Manageable Dog Training School is personalized for Certified Dog Trainers employed by Societies and Dog Rescues that wish to improve their dog assessments, training, re-homing, and public education to lower their euthanasia rates.

Specializing in Large Breed Dogs, Aggressive Dogs & Rescue Dogs while serving EVERYTHING DOG to the public combined with 780’s experience helping Edmonton’s best Dog Rescue groups re-home their dogs has provided valuable insight regarding the universal challenges faced by Dog Trainers of animal welfare organizations and the services offered by the Dog Enthusiast.

780’s Schooling options are comprised of First Hand One-on-One Training, Workshops, Literature, Videos & Theory making 780’s School revolutionary, convenient, affordable, relevant and fast tracked for your success.

Offered on 50 acres of rural farmland at 780 KENNELS located in Stony Plain, Alberta.
NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS for September 2016. Space is limited.