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780's dog training is specialized to your unique k9. That's how 780's dog obedience training is serving Edmonton; one unique dog at a time; with their family's help.
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Dog Obedience Training; 22 Google Reviews.

March 2018
"After our first training & daycare consultation it is clear that 780 KENNELS knows what they are doing. The staff seem very knowledgeable and the kennel is clean/well maintained and organized. We look forward to working with our dog at your facility with the support and guidance we need."
"JAGGER" 5/5  

March 2018
"With the assistance and training of Adam and 780 KENNELS, I am proud to say I am the owner/handler of the first Rottweiler in Alberta to be fully assessed and certified as a qualified Service Dog. In fact, she may even be the only example of her breed working as a qualified Service Dog in Canada.

"I came to Adam almost 1 month before our assessment date. We had already been cleared by the vet, submitted the medical paperwork and an outline of our training history. Roxy and I had a very good working relationship, but I felt I needed her to be a bit more attentive to me and responsive. On our first visit I explained to him what my goal was and went over the various behaviors and skills Roxy would be tested on. He had us work on some basic obedience and then had us do some exercises to help increase her focus. By the end of the first session I could tell I had made the right choice in bringing her there. Not only did I already feel an improvement in Roxy's responsiveness, I left having really enjoyed the session. The facility was great. Clean and a good temperature. Adam really listened to my concerns and was patient with me. I was already excited for our next session.

"In the next few sessions Adam determined the best way to keep Roxy motivated and had us really working on increasing focus. Then he began introducing challenges like ignoring treats from others, bringing in another dog and having Roxy completely ignore it and continue to remain focused and respond to verbal commands. I should mention that up until the final 2 sessions before our assessment, Adam had us doing everything off leash. Every time I put a leash and her mobility harness on, I noticed a marked improvement in her responsiveness. I use voice commands for a lot of steering and everything just seemed to keep improving. By the time our assessment date came up, I had no doubt in my mind that Roxy was well prepared. She passed easily.

"Before coming to Adam, she was a really good dog and I didn't think there was much room for improvement in our relationship. I was mistaken. In just under a month with about ten sessions there was a dramatic change. Roxy went from really good to excellent. Our lines of communication became much clearer. My confidence in her as well as myself has improved. I rely on Roxy for independence and that communication is so important. I can honestly say I've never felt better about my relationship with my dog than I do now. I plan to try to budget to continue sessions with Adam to introduce a few more tasks to Roxy's resume. I really enjoy our training sessions. Adam has been very patient with me and understands my limitations and I was actually surprised at how quickly I became comfortable with him. The only disappointing thing I experienced at all while working with Adam and 780 KENNELS was the occasional snowed out day thanks to Mother Nature.

"Whether you simply want to improve things with your dog, or if they really have issues that you need help with, I highly recommend at the very least a consult. Every dog I have seen there is happy and calm. When he brought in 1 of the Pitbulls for Life dogs to use in our distraction training, I was genuinely impressed with the quiet relaxed nature of her. On occasion, as I'm leaving a session, someone else is coming in and every comment I've heard from anyone else bringing their dog to him is similar. The positive change in their dog amazes them. Or they've tried a few different trainers and got nowhere and were at their wit's end until coming to 780 KENNELS and now they can manage their dog. Adam and his staff seem to understand that dogs are individuals and that there are no cookie-cutter methods that are going to work for all of them.

"I'm so glad that I have had the support and wisdom from Adam. Because of him and his team at 780 KENNELS I had absolutely no doubt that Roxy would easily handle any of the obstacles or challenges she would have to face during her future service dog assessments. I would highly recommend him to anybody with any dog."
"ROXY" 5/5  

February 2018
"We adopted Denali a few months ago and have been in search of a great place to train her as we suspect she is part wolf. When I reached out to Adam he replied quickly and was accommodating with my work hours. Not only is he fitting us in last minute on a busy day for a consult, but I didn't get a chance to call until after he closed at 6, He let me ramble on about Denali well after hours. As we spoke I could hear him tending to the dogs at the kennel. This man 100% loves animals and he has made it clear he puts any animal in his care first! We are excited to meet Adam and the 780 KENNELS team! "*Update* We did a consult with Adam @ 780 for a direction in terms of what kind of classes Denali would need. Denali is a rescue & very fearful of people & Dogs. During the consult Adam was great, he showed us how best to approach bringing Denali into new situations and talked with us a lot about what are our best options. What I love about Adam & 780 is that there was zero pressure for us to sign up with them, they were happy to help guide us in the right direction. I would highly recommend 780 not only is it clean but the trainers are excellent with addressing the specific needs of the dog & finding the best solution that works well with everyone. We are excited to be doing more classes and helping Denali overcome her fears."
"DENALI" 5/5  

February 2018
"We've been going to 780 KENNELS since our pup was 3 months old. He's now about to turn 1 year, and we are so happy with the training sessions and the experiences he's had in their boarding and daycare enrichment options. Would highly recommend 780 KENNELS for any canine of any age."
"PEPPER" 5/5  

February 2018
"Very friendly staff and a great facility. The staff are very understanding to the individual needs of owners and dogs which is refreshing nowadays. They have a great understanding of dog and human behaviour to help you and your dog get the most out of your relationship. They take the time needed to explain everything and I never felt rushed in the process. What a great place and will be recommending it to all dog owners."
"GOOSE" 5/5  

October 2017
"I own a 100-pound Great Dane puppy that was challenging me. Trying to socialize him at an early age, I enrolled him into other training classes, 5 in total. I also took him regularly to another daycare since he was 3 months old. Later, I found out he had no boundaries at daycare and would play rough. It wasn't unusual for him to come home with bite marks and scars on him. The worst part to no boundaries at daycare was how he played with me. He would try to dominate me, often biting and bruising me. I was desperate when I heard about 780 KENNELS. Giving him up crossed my mind... One last effort was to meet with Adam.

"After the consult he was able to diagnose the problem and have a game plan. After buying a much-needed muzzle, we started short private training classes. We end the classes when Bogey starts to get saturated, not because the time is up. The training was personalized for Bogey. Adam helped me to train Bogey.

"After training for 1 to 2 months, Bogey and I have made progress. We still have a long way to go, but I'm happy to announce Bogey is not going anywhere, we are going to work through the challenges as they come up with the help of Adam and his staff. As Bogey's confidence grows, my bruises fade. Bogey has been using the other services as well. He has been going to daycare, where he learns all about boundaries. He will also soon be boarding and using the grooming service. Getting to the kennels is not easy, it takes me 1 hour each way... but it's worth it. I probably would not still own Bogey if it wasn't for 780 KENNELS."
"BOGEY" 5/5  

May 2017
"I cannot say enough great things about 780 KENNELS and there staff! You can see the love and respect for all the dogs they work with! My brother has been taking his pup to 780 from the beginning and now with a stubborn Catahoula on my hands, we have been training with 780 which has been incredible. 780 explains everything so well and works with us and our pup, making sure we are all comfortable and set for success. Thank you 780!!!"
"RIVER" 5/5  

May 2017
"I recently attended 780 KENNELS in Edmonton...for help with training. I have a 14-month-old Rottweiler who has become dog aggressive in the past few months since being attacked and as he began maturing. I have taken more than 10 training classes in Edmonton all with force free trainers and spent well into the $1,000s but since approaching many about my current issues all I have been told is that my dog needs to be neutered and it will be like "magic". I know this is not true and have tried several trainers, the most recent, telling me to simply muzzle him and set him free at a dog park and refusing to work with him further until he is fixed. 780 has a different approach...while I am not completely comfortable with certain levels of force, such as prong or shock collars, I am willing to try to help my dog as currently our quality of life is not what I would like. My dog is one of the family and is my "furchild" and I will do anything I can to help him. The trainers are very open to my reservations and not pushy nor will they force me to do anything I am not comfortable with. In my consult they were very clear with explanations and very reasonable in response and expectations. I think training a dog is much like raising a child and if you never tell a child "NO" you raise a spoiled entitled brat, similarly with a dog if they do not know the word "NO" or the appropriate behavior how can you expect the dog to stop? Ignoring and giving treats is not always effective. Also, 780 does not believe that neutering will magically solve my issues. I have signed up for more training and am looking forward to some balanced training and better outcome."

"Update* We have now been training with 780 for a couple of months and I am so excited about the progress we have made and how well my pup is doing. I had worried that they were not "force free" but I now realize that not being marketed force free doesn't mean they are harming or hurting the dogs during training; we still use tons of treats and praise and my dog is learning to trust me and ignore distractions and other dogs. His aggression level has improved so much we were able to walk down the road side-by-side with another dog; a Great Dane!! If you struggle with aggression or leash manners and excitability and control I highly recommend you give 780 a call and try them out. The $25 consult was one of the best things I did!

"Also watching the staff with the dogs who are boarding and with the rescue dogs is amazing. The dogs are well looked after, there are lots of volunteers and workers on site looking after and training these dogs daily. The kennel is a great option for dogs who are not neutered/spayed or do not do well with other dogs as they get their own kennel area. Most places cannot accommodate these types of dogs. Great job 780!

"2nd Update* Jake continues to amaze me... We fostered a male Pitbull mix and female terrier mix recently and he got along perfectly with both...crazy dog, just when I think he won't be able to play with other pups he decides he loves some!!"
"JAKE" 5/5  

April 2017
"Adopting Thelma from Pitbulls for Life as part of 780's B.E.T.R. dog program was easy. Having free training sessions with 780 trainers was great and allowed me to learn about Thelma and see how her and my other dog, Coco, would interact. The trainers at 780 showed me how to manage Thelma's behavior and how to ensure that she could integrate into my home, without myself or Thelma getting overwhelmed. Thank you 780 and Pitbulls for Life for giving me Thelma and for making her transition into my home so smooth."
"THELMA & COCO" 5/5  

"We had issues with a rescue dog...We tried taking him to several different dog trainers, and doggy daycare's but nothing worked until we found 780 KENNELS. We worked with Adam and followed his recommendations. With time and lots of work with our Dog and Adam, he went from pulling you on a walk to walking beside you. From running away when you called him to coming to you when you called him etc. I can't be more happy and thankful for how Adam and 780 KENNELS treats our dog and how much we have learned from them."
"DIESEL" 5/5  

"Adam has always been incredibly accommodating with my dog. His prices are right, and my dog receives great care whenever she stays at 780 KENNELS. The staff is friendly and have clear and safe boundaries when dealing with the dogs. I have not done any training there, but I would in future as I think they have a great sense of how to train."
"MESHACH" 5/5  

"We have been using 780 KENNELS for close to 5 years for All Things Dog. We started using their training services, as our 1st dog showed lots of aggression towards other dogs, to the point where we couldn't bring her to public areas where other dogs may be present. 780 KENNELS trained us how to manage her, and now we feel comfortable walking through dog parks with her! Our 2nd dog was rescued at 3 months old and was close to becoming feral. When we took him into our home 780 KENNELS was instrumental again in training us how to manage him in our household and around our family. Left to his own, without any intervention, he would have most likely ended up fearful of all humans. When we need kennel services, because our dogs require special management, they cannot be left in just anyone's care. Because of 780's high standards and the willingness to learn how to manage all dog behaviour, we are always confident that our dogs will be safe and well looked after. We never hesitate in recommending 780 KENNELS for all things dog!"
"NIKA & HADYN" 5/5  

"The best dog adoption I have ever gone through. The training that I received will benefit my new dog and my family for the rest of our lives. I have recommended 780 KENNELS to several people now and firmly believe that adopting through them is the best route to go. I will definitely keep visiting and going back for more training in the future."
"SMOOCH" 5/5  

"After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for over a year with a number of professional dog trainers, my husband and I reached the end with our dog's aggression - which had only increased to an unmanageable and dangerous point. Family members were planning an intervention to have him removed as they were worried about our safety. We emailed a rescue organization and said, "We're not giving him up, we just want to know what you do when you get someone like him." They replied immediately and told us about 780 KENNELS. My first phone call with Adam was remarkable - his understanding of our situation and the validation he offered was the first ray of hope in a long time. We booked a consult... His confidence and knowledge about the nature of Charlie and what he needed made all the difference. We were really impressed that before we made a commitment to training, 780 offered us a number of tips that were well worth the $25 consult fee. All of our training sessions are personalized to Charlie's needs and 780 is never at a loss to offer constructive solutions that work. We are working up to using 780 KENNELS for daycare and boarding for Charlie and we are really impressed that our trainer...will also be meeting Charlie when he arrives for his first day of daycare. We also appreciate 780's honesty about the work that my husband and I have to do and 780's advocacy and respect for our dog's nature. The work that is going on there is saving our dog's life and our home life."
"CHARLIE" 5/5  

"We were first introduced to 780 KENNELS a few years ago at the Pit Bulls for Life Conference. We were very impressed by Adam's presentation and his philosophy relating to dogs as individuals and dog responsibility. His straightforward, no nonsense approach was something that appealed to us. Fast forward a few years and we adopted a 3-year-old Great Dane. We quickly realized our dog had issues that we weren't equipped to deal with and we needed help. Although we hadn't used the services of 780 KENNELS up to that point, we didn't forget Adam's presentation and knew we needed to reach out to him. We live several hours away from 780 so I phoned Adam. He immediately offered his support and suggested we come for a consult appointment...

"The services provided by 780 KENNELS are varied and all that we've participated in have been exemplary. 780's training (of us and our dog) has been patient and encouraging...providing a level of support that bridges the physical distance between us and the kennels. 780 always finds the positive and celebrates even the smallest wins with us. We have kennelled our dog on several occasions as part of the B.E.T.R. program. This is a program that goes beyond basic boarding and includes training and socialization specific to your dog's needs while they are at the kennel. We're able to leave our dog without worry, knowing that he is safe and in good hands while providing enrichment tailored to him. We have also participated in the monthly pack walks. This is a great opportunity to interact with other members of 780 KENNELS.

"There are no words to express our thanks to Adam and the team. 780's support has gone above and beyond anything we could have hoped for and we are forever grateful. We will be lifetime members. Thank you so very much for all you do. We would highly recommend 780 KENNELS and five Rotties just doesn't seem like enough."
"AXLE" 5/5  

"780 KENNELS is the only place we will trust for boarding, training, or grooming our dogs. We've worked with 780 help us build strong training relationships with our dogs. We now have 2 very well-behaved rescue dogs inside our home. The training we've received has helped us to become leaders of our pack...with confidence and knowledge to ensure that we will always be able to manage their needs...Our neighbours and friends are amazed how well behaved our dogs are and have asked us where we received our training...780 staff are very friendly and work hard to ensure that all of our requests are met when leaving our dogs in their care. The kennels are very well maintained, and our dogs get to spend a lot of time outside, and even get to train and play with the trainers when we use the B.E.T.R. boarding... 780 posts videos on their Facebook page and its a great resource to view training techniques confirming they receive their time outdoors. We've used their grooming services...picking up fresh smelling dogs with perfectly trimmed nails. The trainers and staff at 780 treat each dog as an individual and cater to each dog's needs. This is a major factor for our boarding decision since our dogs have particular behaviours that require knowledgeable staff with the proper tools and training to provide the care and management our dogs need. It's been our pleasure to work with people who understand and respect each of our dogs' behaviours and work hard to ensure our dogs are always well looked after. To any dog owner looking for boarding, training, or grooming, we will ALWAYS recommend 780 KENNELS."
"MYA & RUSH" 5/5  

"Have been dealing with 780 for a few years and always was happy and satisfied with all the services provided whether it was training or boarding! They have always been understanding and accommodating to my dogs' specific needs and always there when I needed them. I was always kept in the loop and updated regarding how my dogs were doing during their stay. The trainers at 780 are also very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to advanced security training that my dogs need and scent tracking. I have always enjoyed having conversations with them and learned a lot from them. Most importantly all the staff understand that the pets always come first and to me that is enough to keep on using 780 over any other service provider."
"RAVEN & NAKITA" 5/5  

"I cannot say enough good things about the service I received at 780 KENNELS. As a long time owner and lover of dogs it is clear to me that Adam and his staff don't just work with dogs they live for the dogs. The new facility is an amazing place for the dogs to interact with one another as well as the staff. We went through some challenges with our dog at first but with Adams help and training we were able to find a solution that worked for us and our dog. I will continue to use their services anytime we need a place for my pup to stay while we're out of town or if we need a refresher on how to properly train and care for our pups. Keep up the Good Work 780."
"KHALEESI" 5/5  

"We have been struggling with our boxer, Dio, for the last year. He learned to jump our 6ft fence. I couldn't keep him inside 24/7, and with my new baby, I found it hard to keep up with him. The 2nd time he jumped the fence combined with how hard it was to socialize and walk him, I was at the end of my rope. It was get him trained or rehome him. Luckily, we found 780 KENNELS right outside Edmonton in Stony Plain! Dio has always been a smart boy and we needed to learn how to handle that. We walked away from our ½ hr consult as Members of the kennel and with some tools to start working with him. We've now been for 3 lessons with 780 and our lives have changed. Turns out it was us that needed some training. We still have lots of work to do, but it's such a relief to know that we have the ability to be what Dio needs us to be. The support of professional people is wonderful! The staff are all great...The kennel is great, Dio stayed the last 2 weekends and loved it! I feel extremely confident leaving him with the people there. Also, very confident he can't get out, which is saying something as far as Dio is concerned. So, if you have a dog - check out 780 KENNELS, they are wonderful! I just can't stress how much of a difference they've made in our lives. They specialize in all sorts of training, they board, they groom and very importantly they work with Pit Bulls for Life Rescue! There are dogs up for adoption on their Facebook and website! Just check them out and share their page!! An amazing local business that I am so happy to support and share!!! I'd also like to address a few other comments made here. Doggy jail...I literally laughed out loud. My dog can jump and jump damn high. Doggy jail is perfect. I don't want him to get out. My husband had an English Mastiff get out of a kennel he was staying at, he got hit by a car and passed away. A kennel looking like a fortress is a good thing. Especially, if you have a big dog.

"The comment about the membership being just another money grab hurts my heart. These people work with Pitbull's for Life. I will gladly spend some money to see the work they do with these animals. To see that dogs are going to new homes and being given a new lease on life is wonderful. Big dogs aren't to be taken lightly and people need to be responsible about that. I will forever support that mantra and will support what they are doing. Every year we will pay our membership regardless of if we are training or using the kennel. Supporting local business and one as special as 780 is extremely important!"
"DIO" 5/5  

"780 is a great facility for boarding or training...very good at what they do and are very good with all types of dogs. I have 2 aggressive dogs which are guard dogs and I board them at 780 with ease and without trouble. Wouldn't go anywhere else."
"BARON & BREEZY" 5/5  

"I adopted a Pitbull in December, and shortly after taking him home, we started seeing some pretty serious behaviour issues...780 KENNELS saved my dogs life. I truly believe that if this dog had been adopted out to another family, that wasn't willing to put in the work, he would have been put down. 780 has taught me and my family so much on managing behaviours. The techniques are easy to learn and follow and 780 was willing to answer my panicked text messages any time of the day. Every time I met with 780 I felt more confident in being my dog's leader. The entire staff at 780 is wonderful, I feel like I get to hang out with friends every time I drop and pick Kane up from boarding. We do tracking on Sundays and try to make it to the monthly pack walks. We have even been to the free training seminars... through the Pitbulls For Life Foundation of Albert. There is so much support from this establishment, 780 is the best facility around and I trust them with my dog's life. They turn dog owners that have no idea what they are doing, into confident, balanced, smart pack leaders. They will have our loyal business forever."
"KANE" 5/5  

"We adopted our American Pit Bull Terrier, Blue, from Pit Bulls for Life's Manage-a-bull Dog Program. 780 KENNELS works with PBFL by housing these dogs and has put together a training program tailored for each dog and the potential adopter.

"From the moment we arrived on our first day until our last session, yesterday, the experience was fantastic. 780 was very knowledgeable about our dog Blue and they had a great bond. Blue is a very hard dog to work with. He loves to push things as far as he can and forces you to stay consistent and committed to assuring he follows his commands...

"780 KENNELS truly knows and lives by their mantra All Things Dog...780 taught us the skills needed to be successful with Blue through both 'yes' & 'no' training. It is the combination and understanding of when and how to use them that allows us to control Blue's high prey drive & resource guarding. I honestly feel that if 780 had not been so committed to Blue's training while he lived at the kennel for the past 4 years there would be no way we would have been able to adopt him.

"Speaking of Blue living there for 4 years. It is more proof of the dedication 780 has for these animals. Fostering these dogs is a huge commitment taken on by 780. They truly believe in a no-kill policy and that All Things Dog is manageable. That being said, when they agree to take in a dog from Pit Bulls for Life or any of the many other rescues they work with they are committing to it until that dog is adopted. That is a huge commitment in all their resources; staff, time & finances...

"780 is dedicated to taking in these difficult dogs, working with them, and training the people who one day will "open their hearts" ~quote by Adam Kidd~ (probably one of the most honest things anyone said to us about us adopting a dog and something that I will remember for the rest of my life). Many of the dogs there would not be alive today if this commitment had not been made by 780 KENNELS.

"As to anyone who has a negative review to things like Adam telling you to stay in your car until he tells you that you can come out. Get a clue... They specialize in working with dogs that have behavioral issues the size and ability to seriously hurt an individual or their pet who many not be aware of how to act around dogs with these traits. This should comfort you in the fact that they are aware of this and are taking the necessary precautions to assure that you and your pet are safe - at all times.

"I will not take Blue anywhere but 780 and any dog that we bring into our family in the future will go through all the training that 780 provided us when we adopted Blue... I guarantee that you will never find a kennel with a better staff and volunteers that will care, love and respect your dog as much as you do.
"BLUE" 5/5  

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March 17, 2018
"Before joining 780's training, that is set up to help me achieve the individual training goals of me and my dog, I was accepting never to take my Boxer on a leash walk again! She is leash aggressive. We went for our first leashed walk in a public park today and I felt confident and equipped to work through distractions...we were able to successfully enjoy our walk today! I am so thankful to have found 780 KENNELS."
"NAHLA" 5/5  

December 23, 2017
"We started bringing Jugger to 780 KENNELS nearly a year ago and we couldn't be happier with the training we have received. I can't say enough good things about the instructors! Adam (the owner) has gone out of his way to help us out on when life has gotten in the way unexpectedly and has been right there to provide guidance and advice whenever we have questions or are unsure of something. He has worked with us every step of the way. We are now bringing our new puppy to puppy class and daycare."
"JUGGER" 5/5  

November 24, 2016
"If you have a new puppy or a dog with issues, 780's training is the place to go... 780's staff have been a huge help to me and my family with our incredibly stubborn and socially inappropriate American Bulldog. The Kennel is clean and well maintained. They bath my pup after her stays there. She utilizes their daycare when she stays. And the private training has been immensely helpful! Thank you all for everything!"
"HARLEY" 5/5  

October 28, 2015
"A few months ago, I had been struggling with my Pitbull's aggression problems, so much so that I was considering euthanasia. However, I looked into some dog training and found one for aggressive breeds; 780 KENNELS. After purchasing 20 classes, we noticed a huge improvement after only 6. Adam approaches everything in a calm, humane matter. Cannot say enough good things about this business. Changed our life :)"
"DIESEL" 5/5  

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Dog Obedience Training; 3 Better Business Bureau Reviews.

February 16, 2018
"Adam and 780 have been fantastic. The training has really improved my dog's behavior and enriched our relationship. I appreciate Adam's calm patient manner. My dog loves the training. I went to 780 when my dog, a miniature Schnauzer, was 10 months old because he was becoming less obedient than when he was 3 months old. I guess that he was becoming a rebellious teenager and pushing boundaries. The training has done wonders for the dog as well as for me. I am a novice dog owner and I found that I learn a lot from Adam. If you are new to dogs or have obedience issues, I highly recommend that you give them a try."
"MAXX" 5/5  

May 15, 2017
"This is a first rate training and boarding facility that we intend to use a lot. Looking forward to doing business with them for a long time."
"HANK" 5/5  

March 31, 2015
"We have been taking our two large breed dogs, one a Pitbull and the other a Mastiff/Boxer cross, to 780 KENNELS for boarding and training for 4 years now. We have found the staff at 780 to be knowledgeable and caring and would not trust any other kennel with our highly anxious Boxer/Mastiff, Brandy. The owner of 780 KENNELS is a very caring individual and my dogs always enjoy their stay at the kennel."

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Dog Obedience Training Edmonton

Dog Obedience Training; 16 Facebook Reviews.

March 29, 2018
"Adam & 780 KENNELS came highly recommended from a few other trainers I know and trust. After talking with Adam seeing the kennels and dropping off our new Cane Corso for boarding I can see why. You can clearly see they care, understand and are super accommodating!!! I can not wait to get my other 2 dogs to the kennels to start introducing the new dog into our pack on neutral ground. Thank You 780 KENNELS for everything so far and I look forward to all our future work with our newly expanded pack!!"
"JUMBO" 5/5  

March 28, 2018
"The amount of care 780 KENNELS took of our pup was second to none. She is always excited to go for training or boarding and always comes home happy. Sadie Mae comes from a kill shelter in Florida, she was believed to be bred and dumped on the streets of Miami numerous times. Although she is an amazing dog...she has a few issues that we need the specialists at 780 to help us with. We highly recommend 780 Kennels...upfront, transparent, and courteous, we never felt nervous about leaving her there as she was always in good hands. All the staff I've ever talked with or dealt with have been amazing, caring and full of valuable information. Thanks for always taking great care of our fur baby!"
"SADIE MAE" 5/5  

February 21, 2018
"I've been seeing Adam for private training with my dog Mabel, as I work shift work and I wasn't able to attend puppy classes. Right from the start, Adam was super accommodating. Adam has a way of breaking the training down and you wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. He makes it look too easy. It's training that makes so much sense and Mabel responds really well. He is great at reading your dog and the needs of the animal as well as reading you, the owner, and what's going work for you both. I've been so happy with the results of the training and my experience with 780 as a whole. I recommend 780 KENNELS for all your dog needs:)"
"MABEL" 5/5  

Feb 19, 2018
"I'm a new puppy owner after 13 yrs. 780 KENNELS staff have been amazing. Always helpful. They love my Wally and he loves to go there. I won't go anywhere else and I highly recommend them."
"WALLY" 5/5  

Dec 18, 2017
"I had my 1 yr old mixed breed out to see Adam for a private consultation to address some behavior issues we have with him. I was looking for an unbiased eye on correcting his "issues", as he has taken 3 courses of obedience lessons with other trainers and the unwanted behaviours still persist. After just 1 lesson we were pleased to see a marked improvement in his leash walking, attentiveness and attitude toward me. Adam was very quick to size up my body language with our dog and his toward me. I've signed on for more lessons and am looking forward to learning more techniques to teach my dog to be a good dog citizen. We live in Northwest Edmonton and the drive out to the kennels took about a 1/2 hour and was very easy to find. The kennels themselves are modern, clean, heated, and we'll staffed."
"TATER-TOT" 5/5  

Dec 17, 2017
"We had been searching for a dog trainer that understood that every dog has individual needs. After trial and error with other trainers we finally found what we were looking for with 780 KENNELS. Our dog Chance is generally very nervous about new places and people and he does just fine out there. Their location is beautiful, and a lot of thought and hard work went into the design of the buildings with the safely and comfort of the dogs being 1st priority. Everyone is extremely nice out there and you can see the compassion they have for all dogs. Adam has always made him self available to answer any questions I have had and is always very personable and great to work with when it comes to my fur kid. If your looking for top quality service and getting good results from people that know what they are doing, don't hesitate to give 780 a call and book a consult! My only regret is that we did not find them sooner."
"CHANCE" 5/5  

December 1, 2017
"Have never had anything but good positive interactions with Adam both on a personal level as well as a professional level. Have happily and confidently referred some of my own clients to his facility for care and training."

Oct 27, 2017
"Loki has benefited greatly from Adam's training. I'd recommend him for anyone."
"LOKI" 5/5  

Aug 15, 2017
"Working with Adam, private training with Shiloh, my 6 month old beagle, has been extremely helpful and a blessing as she was out of control and stubborn as well as biting!! I am very grateful for all I have learnt and keep learning at each lesson!! Thanks Adam and 780 KENNELS for the positive atmosphere and positive training!!"
"SHILOH" 5/5  

July 8, 2017
"Best boarding and training facility that I have attended."
"GIBSON" 5/5  

March 19, 2017
"780 KENNELS rocks. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I have a bully puppy, who like all bullies, is a tad hard headed. They are working on all aspects of his behavior and each session I notice changes. He also does daycare and 1 night a week, he boards overnight which is the highlight of his week. I highly recommend them for all your dogs needs."
"CAPONE" 5/5  

March 16, 2017
"Very happy so far with our experience with 780 KENNELS. They are down to earth and realistic. I like their approach to dog training and we are looking forward to really getting into the training with our dog. Thanks again."
"CASH" 5/5  

March 3, 2017
"You All Rock:) I am so glad I was referred to 780 KENNELS. Everyone there is Friendly and very knowledgeable in training dogs. I have taken my puppy to 2 sessions already and will be going back for more. I have learnt so much and they are always willing to chat with me about my dogs. Keep up the great work you guys really do make a difference."
"TUCKER" 5/5  

July 2014
"We brought our boxer to meet Adam today, he has been showing some aggressive behaviours, right away Adam explained he is very, very, protective of his family. Adam gave us a few suggestions to start and an exercise, and with in a very, very, brief period of time Odin was already showing huge, huge, improvements. Adam is extremely knowledgeable, and it showed in the short amount of time we were there. I highly, highly, recommend him, we look forward to continuing to work with Adam on Odin's behaviours. It was a huge relief off my shoulders leaving there today, knowing we can correct the behaviours that are occurring. Thank you, Adam."
"ODIN" 5/5  

January 2014
"I have finally found a dog trainer whom I really believe has only the dogs best interests at heart. In the 2 workshops I attended I learned more than all the other courses I've taken combined. Adam knows what he is doing!!"
"LAKOTA" 5/5  

January 2014
"Pit Bulls for Life met 780 KENNELS in 2011. We have not looked back. It was immediately apparent to myself and dog lovers alike that 780 and PBFL had very similar views on individuality between each dog, dog responsibility & low to no kill. PBFL believes behaviour in our fellow dogs should be respected and managed appropriately. Many of our "tougher" dogs were turned down by other trainers & kennels, looked upon - as the misconceptions perceived them - to be "dangerous". We did not feel the same way. 780 met these dogs and felt that they just needed a little bit of help. YES - it takes time - of course - which we can give to them because of our relationship with 780 KENNELS INC. The trainers love these dogs as much as we do and we all want what is best for them - for the dogs. We are very proud to share a facility with all of these amazing people. If we all work together we can save so many more lives!"

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