Dog Obedience Training Edmonton Voted People's Choice


Dog obedience training for Edmonton; classes, private lessons or training and boarding; specialized to your unique pet; for basic obedience to advanced goals; guided by a certified master dog trainer. Voted People's Choice and leading the obedience training industry in Edmonton; with your help. Book a $25 consult with our 100% money back guarantee. CALL or EMAIL.

Dog Training Classes for Edmonton; Puppies 6 Months & Younger.

Edmonton Dog Training voted People's Choice
Dog training classes are best for Edmonton puppies 6 months & younger. Puppies, children, and adults in obedience classes help Edmonton families achieve their primary obedience goals; which are socialization & de-sensitization in a fun & safe group setting.

While dog training classes, full of distractions, slightly hinder an Edmonton family's secondary obedience goal for basic obedience commands, exposure to classes prevent problematic adult dog behaviors from manifesting as puppies mature.

Puppies with 2/3 vaccinations can register in as many obedience classes their Edmonton family can attend for maximum exposure during important behavior imprinting stages. Therefore, 780 offers monthly dog training classes, meeting Sundays & Tuesdays, for 3 weeks; to the Edmonton area.

6 Months & Younger Sunday Tuesday
Puppy Training Classes 10:00 - 10:45am 6:00 - 6:45pm
*Starting the 1st Sunday of every month for $150.

Dog Training Classes Edmonton Voted People's Choice
780 encourages repeat sign-ups with $25 savings per successive registration. Also, families enjoy 1 private dog training, boarding, and daycare freebie per registration. Finally, puppies registered for 3 consecutive months of obedience classes receive membership free for 1 year (savings of $199).

Missed classes can be taken in the next month's obedience classes to accommodate an Edmonton family's busy schedule. Once puppies reach 6 months of age, 780 suggests transitioning from dog training classes to private dog training to perfect basic commands before progressing to advanced pet obedience.

For Edmonton families raising a pup into a security, tracking or agility dog; shaping the behavior begins at 8 weeks old!

Read 25+ class reviews written by Edmonton families.



  1. Pets older than 6 months
  2. Just 1 dog trainer
  3. Only group training for all obedience
  4. All obedience or all play
  5. Too many pets & humans
  6. Over 45 mins
  7. No free make-ups for missed days
  1. Puppies 6 months & younger (safety)
  2. 3+ dog trainers (more help)
  3. 1 free private lesson
  4. Play & train balance
  5. Small classes (less distractions)
  6. Max 45 mins
  7. Miss a day, make up a day (free)
REGISTER FOR CLASS Dog Training Classes Edmonton Voted People's Choice.

Private Dog Obedience Training for Edmonton; Pets 6 Months & Older.

Private Dog Training Edmonton Voted People's Choice
Private dog obedience training is best for Edmonton pets 6 months & older whether seeking basic or advanced obedience training commands as group dog classes have too many distractions in the environment for effective learning.

780's private dog obedience training provides Edmonton pets ½ an hr in a controlled environment (no distractions) to encourage best results; with a goal for longer obedience training durations each visit. If advanced pet obedience with distractions is desired, private training will introduce 1 strategic dog at a time; until multiple pets are present, while maintaining a safe environment, and controlled outcome.

Private dog obedience is sold by-the-hour with the more training hours purchased, the more savings for Edmonton families. Private obedience lessons never expire. Members enjoy 1 free ½ hr private dog training lesson per month.

½ Hour CONSULT $25.00 1 monthly lesson
1 Hour
3 Hours
5 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours
Each obedience lesson, we learn something new, for your family to implement as homework before returning for the next session; meeting as often as your schedule permits; available Sunday to Friday & all holidays.

780's dog trainers have the certification, experience & amenities to help with all pet behaviors & commands: crate training, separation anxiety, barking, digging, leash manners, tracking, agility, dog aggression, human aggression, food aggression, socialization, therapy, dog integration, sit, down, stay, heel, come, drop, take, fetch, speak; all things dog. Read 45+ obedience training reviews written by Edmonton families.



  1. No refunds
  2. Consults over ½ hr & costly upfront charges
  3. Expiration dates on purchases
  4. Claims for quick fixes
  5. Cookie-cutter approaches
  6. Gimmicky marketing & loaded language
  7. In-home obedience without you present
  1. 100% money back guarantee
  2. ½ hr $25 consults
  3. No expiry
  4. Homework required
  5. Each pet is unique
  6. Don't reinvent the wheel
  7. Foreign environment with owner present
BOOK A $25 CONSULT Private Dog Obedience Training Edmonton Voted People's Choice.

Dog Training and Boarding for Edmonton; Puppy to Senior.

Dog Training & Boarding
Dog training and boarding is a powerful tool to help Edmonton families establish or reintroduce pet obedience wanted; while preventing & redirecting unwanted behaviors; through training & socialization; in a controlled environment; guided by a certified master dog trainer.

The right dog training and boarding program can produce fantastic results for a busy Edmonton family's pet obedience goals, while the wrong training & boarding service can be disastrous. 780 mostly recommends Edmonton families for weekend training and boarding stays coupled with private training rather than a 1-stop-cure-all training & boarding visit with mysterious approaches not explained & no aftercare. 780's goal for training and boarding is to help Edmonton families train pets on their own as soon as possible; not sell magical beans.

Read how to board your pet, and obedience training reviews to help your family choose the best dog training and boarding Edmonton offers.

780's dog training and boarding daily rate is $62.50/day for members.



  1. "Fix" everything for you
  2. Claim to train on day 1
  3. Guarantee results
  4. Suggest cookie-cutter timelines
  5. No consult before drop-off
  6. No aftercare
  7. Approach not explained
  1. Need your help
  2. Train when pet's ready
  3. Voted People's Choice
  4. Each pet is unique
  5. Owner, pet & trainer meet
  6. Free ½ hr aftercare training
  7. Owner & trainer plan together
BOOK A $25 CONSULT Dog Training and Boarding Edmonton Voted People's Choice.

Dog Training & Boarding Edmonton Voted People's Choice
Whether classes, private lessons or train & board, book a consultation.

Purchase membership on the same day of your consult and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. Members enjoy savings on all services.

1. Proof of Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo & Rabies.
2. Whatever motivates your pet; treats, toys, praise.
3. Download & print 780's Release Waiver

No transfers, exchanges, refunds. 100% money back guarantee applies to consults only.