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Edmonton’s Kennel Focused on Dog Responsibility

Edmonton’s Humane Dog Kennels

Edmonton’s first humane Dog Kennels are exclusively featured by 780 KENNELS.
780’s contemporary octagon Kennel design, built in 2016, offers daily enrichment for Edmonton’s dogs while being kennelled. Edmonton’s traditional standards for Dog Kennels have now been exceeded by 780 adhering to Alberta’s Building Code for residential grade dwellings when designing our new Dog Kennels. No, 780 is not participating in the Pet Industry’s trend of humanizing dogs, we are thanking our customers by re-investing in the responsibility of caring for their dogs.

780’s Dog Kennels offer the following standards within each of our custom-built 1,372 square foot octagon Kennel buildings:

Edmonton’s Safe Kennel for Large to Small Dogs, Puppies to Seniors

780’s modernized octagon design has 7 rooms for the dogs and 1 main entrance for humans.
6 rooms are dedicated to medium to large dogs and 1 room for the smaller dogs. Puppies 6 months and under are typically kept separate from the older dogs for added safety.

Traditional Kennel designs attempt to fit as many dogs in as little space as possible to meet the business’s “bottom line” as this increases capacity revenue, saves on total utilities and it’s always cheaper to build one giant Kennel than building several smaller Kennels.

Some of these Kennels have holding capacities of 100+ dogs in just one building, you can imagine the unnecessary stress dogs absorb from the echoed barking.

Edmonton’s Dog Kennel with a Humane Interior Design

780’s Dog Kennels offer our guests private entrances to each Kennel which helps lower stress for existing dogs and the newcomer(s). Amenities include vaulted ceilings, large windows for natural sunlight & air flow, floor to ceiling puck board walls for privacy & soundproofing with a personal crate for resting. Filtered water is complimentary.

Extinct are the Dog Kennels in Edmonton comprised of surrounding chain link walls which offer no privacy by allowing dogs to stare and bark at each other, non-existent or very limited fresh air from lack of free airflow, little to no windows resulting in artificial lighting sources and isolated resting rooms. Typically, hard, iron-rich well water is on tap.

Edmonton’s Dog Kennel with a Humane Exterior Design

780’s Dog Kennels are detailed with a secondary private exterior doorway for quick access to the outside exercise yard of country soil and grass. Guests are continuously let out for bathroom breaks & exercise throughout the day and enrichment options are available. Their running area is enclosed by 6ft high chain link fencing and angled perimeter tops to prevent those escape artists from scaling the fencing. Specific runs with cement patio blocks are available if your dog is a digger.

Obsolete are the Dog Kennels in Edmonton that share entrances and exits with every guest, forcing each dog to walk a gauntlet of barking residents whenever coming or going from their Kennel. Poorly designed Dog Kennels have no outside running areas which forces the dogs to eliminate in the same indoor area they reside or the slightly improved Dog Kennels have small outside areas, typically on concrete, but dogs are often left alone to entertain themselves with very limited human interaction throughout their day.

Edmonton’s Kennel Focused on Dog Responsibility

780’s Dog Kennel design is complimented with our goal to forever change the way owners perceive the Dog Kennelling Service as an option for dog care while they are temporarily away from their pets. 780 understands “Kennels” of the past design have a poor reputation in customer’s minds for facilitating humane & consistent enrichment. Until now. While family & friends are understandably the first choice for providing care we invite owner’s to consider 780’s revolutionary humane practices addressing common blunders of the ancient Kennels:

Daily care is facilitated by 780 Dog Trainers overseeing 780 Staff who all receive a standardized education in responsible & humane dog enrichment. Our facility offers the perfect blend of independent or community Kennelling depending on each dogs social skills with humans and dogs.

Edmonton dog owners can now rest knowing that 780 KENNELS does not subscribe to the industry’s common practice of saving on staff expenses by hiring very young inexperienced people to provide care for their customer’s dogs. Gone also are the days of an uncontrollable number of free roaming groups of dogs vs caregivers onsite.

Whether social butterflies or anti-social, 780’s modern-day octagon Kennel allows caregivers to open gates for social dogs to freely share their neighbour’s exterior runs or we can keep the gates of anti-social dogs closed. Every dog enjoys free exercise time while heavily minimizing the possibility of dog-on-dog incidents.

Edmonton dog owners will personally attend to their dog’s needs during their scheduled drop off appointment by placing them into the specific Kennel assigned to their dog(s). Our Kennel perimeter fencing gates are large enough for owners to drive their vehicles directly into the outside fencing and secure their dog(s) in the Kennel. Complete transparency of their dog(s) environment while residing in 780’s Dog Kennels offer our clients the ultimate peace of mind.

Many clients have become MEMBERS which entitles them to discounted pricing for Training, Boarding, Daycare and Grooming.

Whether customer or MEMBER, we invite you to share within the success of 780.

Email or call direct 780-887-8805. If you are not completely satisfied, it’s on us.

Purchase MEMBERSHIP on the same day of your CONSULT and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. All pricing is discounted for MEMBERS.