Dog Daycare, Responsibly

Dog Daycare Responsibility

Safe Dog Daycare Practices for the Parkland Area

Free Roaming Policy

  • Must pass 780’s Temperament Consultation
  • Separates Social from Anti-Social dogs to ensure safety for all
  • Maximum 6 dog’s per 1 human at any given time in one area, except very young puppies
  • Small dog’s Daycare separate from medium dogs separate from large dog’s Daycare
  • If a dog starts to backslide we will remove them from their free roaming group and offer Training options with the owner to help the dog

780’s Dog Daycare finds that, in general, high energy dogs prefer each other rather than low energy dogs. Actually to be more accurate, the high energy dogs like all dogs but the low energy dogs tend to tire of the constant demands for attention by the hyper ones.

Dog Daycare guests are typically kept within their same age groups as Puppies love to play with Puppies while seniors usually like to be around other senior dogs which respect social etiquette. Therefore, 780’s Dog Daycare distinguishes age groups by 6 months and less, 6 months – 1yr,  2-5 years and finally, seniors.

780’s Dog Daycare is aware of the major difference between social dogs and anti-social dogs (whether with dogs or humans), no matter what their size, age, sex, breed, or energy. Therefore, 780’s Dog Daycare offers varying degrees of “sociability” both inside the Daycare rooms and outside in the exercise runs. Social dogs can have more of a community experience while anti-social dogs can enjoy independent, but not isolated, Daycare at 780.

Dog Daycare Commitment to Health

Dog Daycare Commitment to Health

Our Responsibilities
Cleaning duties throughout the day ensures all areas are sanitized and disinfected of bacteria and viruses common to dogs participating in group social time. Separating the dogs based upon age also helps prevent the spreading of illness as young puppies do not have full immunity.

Customer’s Responsibilities
Vaccinations (full & up to date): Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo & Rabies.
Preventative: Lice, Flea, & Tick treatments

Dog’s Responsibilities

Email or call direct 780-887-8805. If you are not completely satisfied, it’s on us.

Purchase MEMBERSHIP on the same day of your CONSULT and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. All pricing is discounted for MEMBERS.