780’s B.E.T.R. Daycare (Behaviour, Exercise, Training, Relationship)

  • DAYCARE and TRAIN while your dog visits 780
  • Reduces stress and builds a bond while standardizing your dog’s overall behaviour
  • Purchase Behaviour, Exercise, Training or Relationship sessions that never expire
  • FREE ½ hr CONSULT after every B.E.T.R. Daycare visit (Training only)

Non Members

Daycare + Behaviour $25.00 + $2.50/day = $27.50/day
Daycare + Exercise (one-on-one) $25.00 + $25/half hr = $50/day
Daycare + Training $25.00 + $45/half hr = $70/day
Daycare + Relationship $25.00 + $15/half hr = $40/day


Daycare + Behaviour $20.00 + $2.50/day = $22.50/day
($5 savings/day)
Daycare + Exercise (one-on-one) $20.00 + $25/half hr = $45/day
($5 savings/day)
Daycare + Training $20.00 + $37.50/half hr = $57.50/day
($12.50 savings/day)
Daycare + Relationship $20.00 + $15/half hr = $35/day
($5 savings/day)

B.E.T.R. Daycare Options

Behaviour is $2.50/day per command: take, sit, down, etc. before receiving a privilege.
Exercise is $25 per ½ hour: leashed walks, running, playing with a toy, treadmill (if trained).
Training is $45 per ½ hour to non-members & $37.50 per ½ hour to MEMBERS: basic & advanced
Relationship is $15 per ½ hour: petting, hand feeding, extra socializing with humans.

Behaviour is re-enforcing manners your social dog knows at home that we can continue at 780 such as asking to ‘down’ before we let them out of the resting area or to ‘sit’ before exiting. 780 Staff offer this service as your social dog is already trained for it.

Exercise (supervised) is facilitated by 780 Trainers as these are structured & entail finesse. Dogs that are willing to bite people require a 780 Manageable Dog Trainer.

Training is administered by 780 Trainers for social dogs or by Manageable Dog Trainers for anti-social dogs as they require an advanced education to provide care.

Relationship building is also offered by 780 Staff for social dogs only.

Basic Training

Heel, Sit, Down, Long Sit & Down, Come, Fetch, Take/Out, Treadmill and Socialization for social dogs.

Advanced Training

Tracking, Security, Kick Sledding & Biking, Distraction Training, Weight Pulling and Socialization for anti-social dogs with humans and dogs. Please note, anti-social dogs are never free roaming with social dogs but in a controlled environment and only with a 780 Manageable Dog Trainer’s strategic dog.

BEWARE of “authorities” using the term “socialization” without explaining this complex term. Off leash Dog Parks, Dog Daycares & Puppy Classes are not quick fixes for an owner to “socialize” away their dog’s behavioural challenges, rather they can be instrumental in a complete dog responsibility program and of course only when done right.

Email adam@780kennels.com or call direct 780-887-8805. If you are not completely satisfied, it’s on us.

Purchase MEMBERSHIP on the same day of your CONSULT and 780 will use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment. All pricing is discounted for MEMBERS.