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100% money-back guarantee badge.
780’s dog boarding in Edmonton grants peace of mind by stress-reducing services, enrichment, & professional facilities for long term & short term reservations.

780 welcomes all breeds for overnight pet care with certified staff, unique octagon kennel design, and membership benefits voted People’s Choice Award.

780 knows your pet is unique and your family has many questions regarding what to do before housing your hound overnight such as ensuring services include insurance, accreditation, security, and controlled climate.

That’s why we suggest discussing your needs in-person and bring your pet for a $25 consult with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Whether you're leaving a puppy for the first time, seeking senior safekeeping, special needs, rescues & separation anxiety, or social butterflies; we can help.

Here's 8 years experience of canine expertise summarized into 7 easy steps to follow:

1. Read Reviews.

780 maintains 5 star reviews with friendly Fidos & reactive dogs by our professional facilities, 24/7 on-site care, & stress-reducing steps for multi-day stays.

Also, highest ratings for specialized services with dog & human aggressive, nervous, senior, & puppy first-timers.

Testimonials give a feel for our services, and Pet Finder recommends, "Check, too, with your Better Business Bureau to see whether any complaints have been lodged..."

When researching where to keep your k9 while on vacation or exploring a new facility, the 1st step is reading reviews.

Yellow Pages
Better Business Bureau
Read 3+ Yelp Reviews for 780 Kennels.


"We have now placed our beloved Pitbull-boxer, Copper, in the trust of 780 for the 4th time... we are over-joyed with the outcome.

"Copper tends to lose weight rapidly at other facilities and when we have picked him up he was agitated.

"Since we've switched to 780, we notice Copper's weight is right where it should be, and he is calm and happy when we retrieve him.

"The staff at 780 are knowledgeable, respectful, thoughtful, and courteous. I also appreciate that I can customize his stay to directly reflect his needs with 780's B.E.T.R. Enrichment options.

"I highly recommend 780 as we travel almost every month and they are always our #1 choice."
COPPER, Google Reviews (October 2018)  5/5  

"My wife and I spent a great deal of time looking for the right fit for our 2 small dogs Archie and Reggie.

"We checked out many options on the internet and ended up narrowing it down to 6 for interview.

"It was clear that not all facilities are created equal and it was obvious that 780 was the winner.

"Together with Adam and Angie we worked out a process that would be best for the beasts to ease them into lodging them for several days.

"Many thanks to Adam and the staff for a great job."
ARCHIE & REGGIE, Yellow Pages Ratings (June 2018)  5/5  

"Hello, I have brought my mutt Max here a few times and love how friendly everyone is.

"The facility is clean and set up wonderfully for all shapes and sizes of critters. Max is always happy to go with all the staff and is always well looked after when I leave him...

"I will continue to bring max here and am looking into training. What a great facility, big thanks to all the staff for all their hard work and dedication.

"You make it easy to board Max."
MAX, Better Business Bureau Testimonials (April 2018)  5/5  

"The BEST amenities with the most educated staff to provide for our crazy bulldog. Our Angus is not exactly a calm, sweet pup...

"The staff at 780 understand he's a wild and crazy but kind k9 and they are the best equipped to deal with him."
ANGUS, Facebook Recommendations (October 2018)  5/5  

780 Kennels BBB Business Review

Read Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

24 hr pet care made possible by on-site staffing quarters.

Small canine boarding at 780’s dog hotel.

XL canine boarding at 780’s dog resort.

Pit bulls & other bully-types welcome at 780’s dog motel.

German Pincher staying at 780’s pet lodge.

2. Check Rates.

780 grants competitive pricing for weekend stays & long term rates, discounts for multiple mutts from the same home, & free Saturdays when you like us on Facebook.

780 keeps fixed costs over Xmas, summertime, & other peak-seasons; whether small or XL dogs visit; and does not promote new-client-only discounts.

Advice from Wiki How Pets encourages, "Keep your budget in mind and be sure to ask about the cost per night..."

The goal is not finding the cheapest 4-legged lodging but locating trustworthy & consistent canine expertise with affordable daily, weekly, & monthly rooming costs nearby.

When planning your vacation, working long hours, or attending a family event away from your animals, a top question to ask before overnight mutt minding is, "How much are pet hotel fees per day/ week/ month?".

That's why the 2nd step is checking rates.


1 Guest $35.00
($5 savings per day)
2 Guests $67.50
($10 savings per day)
3 Guests $97.50
($15 savings per day)
1 Guest $210.00
($30 savings per week)
2 Guests $405.00
($60 savings per week)
3 Guests $585.00
($90 savings per week)
1 Guest $840.00
($120 savings per month)
2 Guests $1,620.00
($240 savings per month)
3 Guests $2,340.00
($360 savings per month)
Free membership 1st responders; Fire, Police, Military, & Veterans.

Free Saturdays when you like or follow 780 online.

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Per Guest as Requested

$2.50 per day for Medicine
$10 Soft Bedding Rental (per visit & no replacement cost if needed)
$2.50 per day feeding owner supplied raw food
$2.50 per day 780 supplied Food (Acana) if not provided
$2.50 per day for 15mins of unsupervised exercise time (no limit to frequency)
Private indoor boarding spaces & outdoor exercise areas in channelized fencing on country soil.

Alberta residential grade interior kennel design: plexiglass doors, raised swivel feeding trays, puck board walls

Removeable walls for double or triple the inside space for large dogs or shared pet lodging.

3 custom dog crates on each side of a room with 6 crates maximum per kennel room

Large sliding windows allow airflow & natural sunlight filling kennel rooms & open grill tops for air circulation

Panoramic interior view of 780's boarding facilities.

Outdoor exercise runs with cement slabs thwarts diggers and angled perimeter fencing prevents jumpers.

3. Book a Consult.

780's the first dog kennels offering $25 consults, Sunday to Friday, with our 100% money-back guarantee; so you can try a new facility; risk-free.

Consultations allow owners & staff to meet in person, view amenities, introduce pooches to a new environment, and consider how to reduce stress before long term lodging begins.

Bad advice from the industry promotes tours, but Vet Street says, " should take your pup for a visit before his stay."

Tours only allow for owner's and staff to meet and chat while viewing amenities, but one vital thing is missing - man's best friend!

780 knows that it's natural for owners to worry being away, especially when exploring dog hotels for the first time or trying a new pet resort.

That’s why the 3rd step is booking a consult.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
780's octagon dog kennels design

XL Great Dane Dog getting extra petting time from 780 staff.

4. Visit Kennels.

780's an industry forerunner, refreshing dog hotel standards with our brand-new unique octagon design that reduces stress with 2 smaller facilities; not a giant warehouse.

As stated by the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association, "Optimal dog housing allows animals to exercise, socialize, and exhibit as many normal behaviours as possible."

780’s channelized exercise runs & drive-in gated zones help animals & owners try accommodation that exceeds all their social & safety needs.

After viewing amenities, leave your pup for a ½ day, or less, with certified trainers to perform an evaluation. Return for pick-up discussing your pooch's time with staff, facilities & critter clients.

Together, plan how to reach your lodging goals; perhaps another day visit, or 1 overnight stay, and enrichment options to help the lengthy stay.

Each mini-visit, fine tune as necessary, prepping for the best long term stay possible.

780 suggests the initial visit within 2 weeks of the intended lengthy stay with hounds staying home at least 1 night between visits to 780.

Every visit builds peace-of-mind for safekeeping your pup in the future.

That's why the 4th step is visiting the kennels.

780's pet resort amenities.

Overnight kennel consultation.

Birds eye view of our boarding facility.

5. Specialize Pet Care.

780's leading overnight dog care services enhanced with enrichment options specialized to each unique animal; helping house your hounds; with videos posted to social media.

Leather couches & TVs are expensive items the industry uses to over-charge guilt-ridden owners; for leaving their pets; but don’t help. Given a choice, Rover will take meaningful interaction over luxury.

Instead, Care recommends, "If you own a breed of dog, such as a German Shepherd or Greyhound, that requires walking, make sure that the kennel offers this service..."

When leaving a pup in accommodation for 1-2 weeks, enrichment options may be considered a bonus for Fido by some parents.

Whether hiring for 1-2 months or just weekend stays, owners want help making overnight-looking-after less stressful for their animals.

That’s why the 5th step is specializing pet care.

Walking & bonding pet care enrichment with 'Brunswick' & Coreena.

Specialized overnight dog care with Beau laying on his giant bed at 780.

6. Get Membership.

Membership brings owners, pets, and staff together at 780 Kennels.
780's an industry pioneer as the first dog resort with membership benefits; 1 free day per month, cheaper rates per day, guaranteed reservations (including peak seasons), no cancellation fees, and no reservation deposits.

Purchase membership on the day of your consult and 780 will use the $25 fee as a down payment towards your new investment to save on future visits & services.

After the long term stay, as a member, use 1 free monthly visit to maintain familiarization.

With savings on all services & continuous socialization, the 6th step is getting membership.


7. Make a Reservation.

780's industry innovation includes guaranteed online reservations for members without deposits or delays; within 30 seconds of visiting our website!

Non-members send a request online too and just wait for us to call back confirming over the phone with a deposit.

Whether a member or not, the final and 7th step is making a reservation with peace of mind.

What to Bring
  • Proof of Vaccinations; Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Free from parasites.
  • Food in a Tupperware like container. Raw food provided in daily rations
  • Treats but no raw hides as these can be choking hazards
  • Kong brand toys only
  • Medicine if necessary
  • Download, print & sign 780's Contract & Release Waiver
  • Government issued photo I.D. is mandatory for drop-off & pick-up
Do Not Bring
  • Crates
  • Bedding or blankets from home. Beds can be rented for $10 per stay.
  • Dishes as 780 will provide clean drinking & eating bowls
  • Cheap toys, squeaky toys, ropes or any choking hazards

'Roxy' resting outside her private entranceway to her exercise run

2 Great Danes, 'Shadow' & 'Stella' running free in 780's off-leash dog park

Alberta Essential Services includes 780’s Dog Boarding.

Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780 Kennels & Staff.
780 Kennels voted People's Choice Chamber of Commerce Award 2016.

All breeds welcome for a panoramic tour of 780 Kennels.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Are consults mandatory?
A: No, just a recommendation to provide peace of mind & reduce stress.

Q: How long do the consults take?
A: About 10 minutes of the owner's time on drop-off as we focus more on the pet while they're left with us for a minimum of 2 hrs.

Then we can provide meaningful information on pick-up to aid the decisions making process.

Q: What days do you book consults?
A: Sunday to Friday, just closed Saturdays.

Q: Does 780 board puppies?
A: Yes, ages 3 months+ if they are potty trained. For younger pups, best to hire an in-home pet sitter.

Q: Does 780 allow intact male or female dogs?
A: Yes, the choice to neuter, spay, or alter to breed standards is the owners.

Just let us know so extra pre-cautions can be taken.

Q: Does 780 take reactive or aggressive dogs?
A: Yes, our staff & amenities specialize in the more challenging temperaments.

Q: Does 780 welcome Pit Bulls?
A: Yes, we have been partnered with PBFL for 8 years, all breeds are welcome.

Q: Does 780 take high-drive K9's?
A: Yes, our members include EPS & RCMP canines. We also have personal protection K9’s of our own.

Q: Does the money-back guarantee include overnight stays?
A: No, only the initial day consult.

Q: Is pricing calculated by a 24-hr window?
A: No, 7-9am or 4-6pm pick-up & drop-off times are for your convenience.

For example, Mon to Tues of the same week is calculated as 2 calendar days, whether AM or PM.

Q: Can guests be picked up or dropped off outside regular hrs?
A: Possibly, the more notice given helps everyone, and yes, we charge $20-$50 depending on the request.

Q: Why does 780 charge $2.50 for owner supplied raw food?
A: Fees cover daily fridge, freezer, sanitization, & handling responsibilities.

Q: Do I have to pay for my dogs to get attention & exercise?
A: No, enrichment options are bonus attention for our guests.

For example, Huskies need to run all day if not pulling a sled, so, we offer extra exercise options.

Some sensitive dogs require 1-on-1 attention to bloom while others do better by less “hands-on” focus.

Q: Do you have to purchase membership to use 780 services?
A: No, membership offers savings & freebies if wanted.

Q: Is the cost per dog?
A: No, membership covers all canines in your household for only $199/ yr.

Q: What is the difference between board & daycare monthly freebies?
A: In daycare we mix well-known friendly guests but with boarding they don’t intermingle.

Essentially, members enjoy 2 free days of pet care per month.

Q: Can I stack multiple freebies in 1 stay?
A: No, the idea is to have owners, pets, & service providers meet more frequently, not just get free stuff.

Q: Does 780 have air-conditioned rooms?
A: Yes, Wi-Fi monitors air conditioning during summer & heat in winter.

Q: Does 780 have in-floor heating?
A: No, this can cause a medical concern known as "hot spots".

Q: Does 780 mix canine guests?
A: No, mixing 30+ strange dogs leads to fights, every k9 has their own indoor & outdoor areas.

Q: Can multiple dogs share space together?
A: Yes, we can remove walls so that canines from the same household can lodge together.

Just let us know if they need to be fed separately or any other quirks to ensure cohesiveness during their stay.

Q: What awards has 780 won?
A: People's Choice 2016, Best Business 2019 & 2020.

Q: What accreditations & certifications does 780 hold?
A: Better Business Bureau, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, IACP, PIJAC, CAPDT, Kennel Management, & Certified Master Trainer.

Q: What reference letters does 780 hold?
A: PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, 4H Alberta, & DCAS.

Free Saturdays when you like 780 on Facebook.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.