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780's dog boarding enrichment options are specialized to your unique pet. That's how 780's pet boarding is serving Edmonton; one unique dog at a time; with their family's help. Read 60+ online reviews and book a $25 consult with our 100% money back guarantee. CALL or EMAIL.

Pet Boarding; 28 Google Reviews.

February 2018
"Very friendly staff and a great facility. The staff are very understanding to the individual needs of owners and dogs, which is refreshing nowadays... What a great place; recommend 780 to all dog owners."
"GOOSE" 5/5  

February 2018
"We have been taking our girls to Adam and his team for several years. We have always received top notch care and service, and they have been very accommodating when we've had to arrange boarding on shorter notice. I recommend 780 to everyone with dogs."
"SARA & CHARLIE" 5/5  

February 2018
"We've been going to 780 KENNELS since our pup was 3 months old. He's now about to turn 1 year, and we are so happy with... the experiences he's had in their B.E.T.R. boarding and daycare enrichment options... Highly recommend 780 KENNELS for any canine of any age."
"PEPPER" 5/5  

January 2018
"Excellent place."
"ROCKY" 5/5  

September 2017
"We love 780 Kennels! Our puppy started out by attending puppy classes and socializing him with other pups... Recently we started boarding there too...He is thrilled to stay and extremely happy and tired when we pick him up. He has been slowly integrated into boarding... 780 staff treats him so well...we have a forever kennel, training and place for our pup to visit! Thanks 780."
"BRUNO" 5/5  

August 2017
"We did a lot of research and made a lot of calls to other kennels before finding 780 KENNELS; the only kennel that made it past our phone interview. They actually made us feel like they truly knew dogs, their needs and their behaviors.

"I have a Yorkie, Suzy, who has man trust issues and a mixed breed, Scamp, who is insecure and gets crazy anxious about anything new, different or outside of his routine. 780 was more than willing to use puppy steps... to work them up to being comfortable enough for a long duration stay with them.

"We did a 1-night trial stay and Suzy came home with this confidence in herself and her surroundings that we had never seen before. She no longer barks at men who enter the room or who she hears out on the street. She has even approached strangers on our walks, which was unheard of before.

"We have also done several days of the daycare and Scamp comes home happy and tired. This extra stimulation throughout the day is just what he needs. It has helped drain his extra energy, and in turn, this has helped him be more open to little changes (like pushing his walk back a few minutes) in his routine...he's not so anxious about new things.

"780's boarding has given us the confidence we needed to know that our dogs aren't only safe, but that they are also benefiting from time spent there."
"SUZY & SCAMP" 5/5  

July 2017
"Your dogs are in great hands. Nice new facility with a panoptic design also. My dogs, Jaws and Rhyno, have been treated extremely well there for the last 4 years and I know that they are not the only ones... My dogs are loved there."
"JAWS & RHYNO" 5/5  

May 2017
"Our Cane Corso, Moose, had an incident at another kennel, we didn't quite know what to do... not all boarding kennels are created equally. The staff and facility here are amazing, Moose isn't foaming at the mouth when we pick him up anymore. His sidekick, Lenny, who is 15 lbs is boarded here as well with no problems. We wouldn't take them anywhere else, we don't worry about them at all when we are away! Thank you so much!"
"MOOSE & LENNY" 5/5  

May 2017
"I recently attended 780 KENNELS in Edmonton...for help with training. I have a 14-month-old Rottweiler who has become dog aggressive in the past few months since being attacked and as he began maturing. I have taken more than 10 training classes in Edmonton all with force free trainers and spent well into the $1,000s but since approaching many about my current issues all I have been told is that my dog needs to be neutered and it will be like "magic". I know this is not true and have tried several trainers, the most recent, telling me to simply muzzle him and set him free at a dog park and refusing to work with him further until he is fixed. 780 has a different approach...while I am not completely comfortable with certain levels of force, such as prong or shock collars, I am willing to try to help my dog as currently our quality of life is not what I would like. My dog is one of the family and is my "furchild" and I will do anything I can to help him. The trainers are very open to my reservations and not pushy nor will they force me to do anything I am not comfortable with. In my consult they were very clear with explanations and very reasonable in response and expectations. I think training a dog is much like raising a child and if you never tell a child "NO" you raise a spoiled entitled brat, similarly with a dog if they do not know the word "NO" or the appropriate behavior how can you expect the dog to stop? Ignoring and giving treats is not always effective. Also, 780 does not believe that neutering will magically solve my issues. I have signed up for more training and am looking forward to some balanced training and better outcome."

"*Update* We have now been training with 780 for a couple of months and I am so excited about the progress we have made and how well my pup is doing. I had worried that they were not "force free" but I now realize that not being marketed force free doesn't mean they are harming or hurting the dogs during training; we still use tons of treats and praise and my dog is learning to trust me and ignore distractions and other dogs. His aggression level has improved so much we were able to walk down the road side-by-side with another dog; a Great Dane!! If you struggle with aggression or leash manners and excitability and control I highly recommend you give 780 a call and try them out. The $25 consult was one of the best things I did!

"Also watching the staff with the dogs who are boarding and with the rescue dogs is amazing. The dogs are well looked after, there are lots of volunteers and workers on site looking after and training these dogs daily. The kennel is a great option for dogs who are not neutered/spayed or do not do well with other dogs as they get their own kennel area. Most places cannot accommodate these types of dogs. Great job 780!

"*2nd Update* Jake continues to amaze me... We fostered a male Pitbull mix and female terrier mix recently and he got along perfectly with both...crazy dog, just when I think he won't be able to play with other pups he decides he loves some!! "
"JAKE" 5/5  

"We have been taking our high energy rescue dog to Adam for the past 5 years and are grateful to have found a kennel that is a good fit. The new location and set up are fantastic and we have great peace of mind knowing that our dog is in good hands. Finding Adam has made life with our pup much easier as it is doubtful that other kennels could manage her 'queen of the pack' attitude. Thanks guys!"
"JESSE" 5/5  

"We had issues with a rescue dog...We tried taking him to several different dog trainers, and doggy daycare's but nothing worked until we found 780's boarding. We worked with Adam and followed his recommendations. With time and lots of work with our Dog and Adam, he went from pulling you on a walk to walking beside you. From running away when you called him to coming to you when you called him etc. I can't be more happy and thankful for how Adam and 780 KENNELS treats our dog and how much we have learned from them."
"DIESEL" 5/5  

"Adam has always been incredibly accommodating with my dog. His prices are right, and my dog receives great care whenever she stays at 780 Kennels. The staff is friendly and have clear and safe boundaries when dealing with the dogs..."
"MESHACH" 5/5  

"We have used 780 Kennels for at least 3 years. They are always accommodating considering we are always short notice. If we have ever had an issue Adam and staff are quick to deal with it. We travel from Slave Lake and Lloydminster. They are great and we wanted to share our experience."

"We have been using 780 Kennels for close to 5 years for All Things Dog... When we need boarding services, because our dogs require special management, they cannot be left in just anyone's care. Because of 780's high standards and the willingness to learn how to manage all dog behaviour, we are always confident that our dogs will be safe and well looked after. We never hesitate in recommending 780 Kennels for all things dog!"
"NIKA & HADYN" 5/5  

"We were first introduced to 780 KENNELS a few years ago at the Pit Bulls for Life Conference. We were very impressed by Adam's presentation and his philosophy relating to dogs as individuals and dog responsibility...The services provided by 780 KENNELS are varied and all that we've participated in have been exemplary....We have kennelled our dog on several occasions as part of the B.E.T.R. boarding. This is a program that goes beyond basic boarding and includes training and socialization specific to your dog's needs while they are at the kennel. We're able to leave our dog without worry, knowing that he is safe and in good hands while providing enrichment tailored to him. We have also participated in the monthly pack walks. This is a great opportunity to interact with other members of 780 KENNELS.

"There are no words to express our thanks to Adam and the team. 780's support has gone above and beyond anything we could have hoped for and we are forever grateful. We will be lifetime members. Thank you so very much for all you do. We would highly recommend 780..."
"AXLE" 5/5  

"We have a 'special' little dog who is a handful to say the least. Now that he's a senior, he literally hates everyone (small dog syndrome), except for the staff at 780. They are very attentive to his needs and they greet him lovingly when he arrives. This is the only kennel I would every trust the old man with."
"DARCY" 5/5  

"780 Kennels is a great place to take your dog when you have to be away. They have helped us a great deal. They are very caring people. The facility is large and lots of green space for the dogs to play. I highly recommend them."
"CHASER" 5/5  

"780 Kennels is the only place we will trust for boarding, training, or grooming our dogs. We've worked with 780 help us build strong training relationships with our dogs. We now have 2 very well-behaved rescue dogs inside our home. The training we've received has helped us to become leaders of our pack...with confidence and knowledge to ensure that we will always be able to manage their needs...Our neighbours and friends are amazed how well behaved our dogs are and have asked us where we received our training...780 staff are very friendly and work hard to ensure that all of our requests are met when leaving our dogs in their care. The kennels are very well maintained, and our dogs get to spend a lot of time outside, and even get to train and play with the trainers when we use the B.E.T.R. boarding... 780 posts videos on their Facebook page and its a great resource to view training techniques confirming they receive their time outdoors. We've used their grooming services...picking up fresh smelling dogs with perfectly trimmed nails. The trainers and staff at 780 treat each dog as an individual and cater to each dog's needs. This is a major factor for our boarding decision since our dogs have particular behaviours that require knowledgeable staff with the proper tools and training to provide the care and management our dogs need. It's been our pleasure to work with people who understand and respect each of our dogs' behaviours and work hard to ensure our dogs are always well looked after. To any dog owner looking for boarding, training, or grooming, we will ALWAYS recommend 780 Kennels."
"MYA & RUSH" 5/5  

"We travel from Calgary to board our dog at 780 Kennels. Adam has treated Porscha like one of his own since day 1 - which was approx. 6 years ago now. 780 Kennels only gets better as time goes on. We are excited about the new membership that is offered & eager for a tired out pup the next time we board her! Highly recommend."
"PORSCHA" 5/5  

"Adam and 780 Kennels have been amazing every time we need them. We have a big rescue dog who can come off aggressive to those who do not know how to be around one. Our dog right away was comfortable around Adam and his staff as they clearly appreciate all dogs and understand them. While our dog is with 780 he is happy when he shows up as he knows the place, they post Facebook videos of him on his boarding enrichment, and he is always happy when we pick him up. We're very excited to see the new 780 facilities and we can't thank them enough for taking care of our boy while we're away. THANK YOU soooo much 780."
"D.O.G." 5/5  

"Have been dealing with 780 for a few years and always was happy and satisfied with all the services provided whether it was training or boarding! They have always been understanding and accommodating to my dogs' specific needs and always there when I needed them. I was always kept in the loop and updated regarding how my dogs were doing during their stay. The trainers at 780 are also very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to advanced security training that my dogs need and scent tracking. I have always enjoyed having conversations with them and learned a lot from them. Most importantly all the staff understand that the pets always come first and to me that is enough to keep on using 780 over any other service provider."
"RAVEN & NAKITA" 5/5  

"I cannot say enough good things about the service I received at 780 Kennels. As a long time owner and lover of dogs it is clear to me that Adam and his staff don't just work with dogs they live for the dogs. The new facility is an amazing place for the dogs to interact with one another as well as the staff. We went through some challenges with our dog at first but with Adams help and training we were able to find a solution that worked for us and our dog. I will continue to use their services anytime we need a place for my pup to stay while we're out of town or if we need a refresher on how to properly train and care for our pups. Keep up the Good Work 780."
"KHALEESI" 5/5  

"We have been struggling with our boxer, Dio, for the last year. He learned to jump our 6ft fence. I couldn't keep him inside 24/7, and with my new baby, I found it hard to keep up with him. The 2nd time he jumped the fence combined with how hard it was to socialize and walk him, I was at the end of my rope. It was get him trained or rehome him. Luckily, we found 780 KENNELS right outside Edmonton in Stony Plain! Dio has always been a smart boy and we needed to learn how to handle that. We walked away from our ½ hr consult as Members of the kennel and with some tools to start working with him...

"The support of professional people is wonderful! The staff are all great...The kennel is great, Dio stayed the last 2 weekends and loved it! I feel extremely confident leaving him with the people there. Also, very confident he can't get out, which is saying something as far as Dio is concerned. So, if you have a dog - check out 780's boarding, they are wonderful! I just can't stress how much of a difference they've made in our lives. They specialize in all sorts of training, they board, they groom and very importantly they work with Pit Bulls for Life Rescue! There are dogs up for adoption on their Facebook and website! Just check them out and share their page!! An amazing local business that I am so happy to support and share...My dog can jump and jump damn high... These people work with Pitbull's for Life. I will gladly spend some money to see the work they do with these animals. To see that dogs are going to new homes and being given a new lease on life is wonderful. Big dogs aren't to be taken lightly and people need to be responsible about that. I will forever support that mantra and will support what they are doing. Every year we will pay our membership regardless of if we are training or using the kennel. Supporting local business and one as special as 780 is extremely important!"
"DIO" 5/5  

"These guys are great, awesome facility, state of the art, very humane kennel, thanks guys!"
"BERLIN" 5/5  

"780 is a great facility for boarding or training...very good at what they do and are very good with all types of dogs. I have 2 aggressive dogs which are guard dogs and I board them at 780 with ease and without trouble. Wouldn't go anywhere else."
"BARON & BREEZY" 5/5  

"Love 780, we now live in Calgary and make the drive to them, so we know our big boy is in great hands. It's hard to leave your fur baby, and our big bully needs special attention - which he gets from their well trained and caring staff. They specialize in large breeds and do not discriminate. They are the only ones we trust and it's worth the 3hr drive :)"
"ROMEO" 5/5  

"We adopted our American Pit Bull Terrier, Blue, from Pit Bulls for Life's Manage-a-bull Dog Program. 780 KENNELS works with PBFL by housing these dogs and has put together a training program tailored for each dog and the potential adopter.

"From the moment we arrived on our first day until our last session, yesterday, the experience was fantastic. 780 was very knowledgeable about our dog Blue and they had a great bond. Blue is a very hard dog to work with. He loves to push things as far as he can and forces you to stay consistent and committed to assuring he follows his commands...

"780 KENNELS truly knows and lives by their mantra All Things Dog...780 taught us the skills needed to be successful with Blue through both "yes" & "no" training. It is the combination and understanding of when and how to use them that allows us to control Blue's high prey drive & resource guarding. I honestly feel that if 780 had not been so committed to Blue's training while he lived at the kennel for the past 4 years there would be no way we would have been able to adopt him...

"It is more proof of the dedication 780 has for these animals. Fostering these dogs is a huge commitment taken on by 780. They truly believe in a no-kill policy and that All Things Dog is manageable. That being said, when they agree to take in a dog from Pit Bulls for Life or any of the many other rescues they work with they are committing to it until that dog is adopted. That is a huge commitment in all their resources; staff, time & finances...

"780 is dedicated to taking in these difficult dogs, working with them, and training the people who one day will "open their hearts" ~quote by Adam Kidd~ (probably one of the most honest things anyone said to us about us adopting a dog and something that I will remember for the rest of my life)...

"I will not take Blue anywhere but 780 and any dog that we bring into our family in the future will go through all the training that 780 provided us when we adopted Blue... I guarantee that you will never find a kennel with a better staff and volunteers that will care, love and respect your dog as much as you do.
"BLUE" 5/5  

"We love this kennel. Adam and his staff are very friendly, easy to deal with and they clearly care very much about the dogs. We didn't think we would ever be able to find a kennel for our dog, on account of her behavioral problems, but 780 KENNELS has been is clear that Adam knows what he is doing. I would recommend them to any dog owner."
"ROXY" 5/5  

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November 2017
"Tucker, our Pitbull mix has been going to 780 KENNELS for 4 years. He is high-energy, high-needs and the kennel setup works well for him. He loves the staff and they have made the drop off/pickup process easy and convenient. We are very happy we found 780."
"TUCKER" 5/5  

October 9, 2017
"I Have been using 780 KENNELS for around 2 months for my Great Dane puppy. We first did private training, then used the daycare, boarding and grooming. It took me awhile, but I found the perfect kennel to meet Bogey's needs. Bogey loves it there and is treated very well. Adam also knows how to treat me and is always there for me if I have a problem or concern..."
"BOGEY" 5/5  

May 2017
"Very professional and a well-planned facility, well worth the money."
"KATO" 5/5  

January 2017
"Trying to find a kennel for my dog Milo felt almost impossible as I've noticed that Edmonton does not have places for aggressive dogs. That was until I found 780 KENNELS. Their website specified that they deal with larger aggressive breeds, so I figured why not bring Milo there as he is not properly socialized and aggressive towards others. After his first stay with 780 KENNELS, I couldn't be happier with the service and treatment that they have given Milo and myself. They are amazing."
"MILO" 5/5  

December 2016
"First time leaving our 'boys' for any period of time and we're completely satisfied knowing they would be in great hands. Adam is top notch - his vision and dedication for 780 KENNELS is impressive. And a huge thank you to the staff for taking good care of them. They were successful in giving one of them a bath and the other allowed me to give him a bath when he got home. Not easy feats. LOL."

November 2016
"We have been leaving our dog with 780 for almost 7 years. My dog is great, but he still comes home better than when I drop him off. 3 years ago, we moved to Fort McMurray and still drive 5 hours down to bring our dog to Edmonton to stay at 780. Great kennel. Well worth any drive to know your dog is well taken care of. The staff is knowledgeable and always very friendly. We loved the old facility but the new one is even better!"
"PORTHOS" 5/5  

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4 Dog Parks

Pet Boarding; 3 Better Business Bureau Reviews.

March 13, 2018
"780 KENNELS has been fantastic for my Rottie. Adam and his staff are true dog lovers and it is obvious in the reaction from my dog when I pull up to the establishment. We used 780 when they were at their old location and thought they had a good set up for the dogs once they were "checked-in". The addition at the new location to have a caged drop off zones make it a perfect set up from drop off to pick up."
"MADDI" 5/5  

May 15, 2017
"This is a first rate training and boarding facility that we intend to use a lot. Looking forward to doing business with them for a long time.."
"HANK" 5/5  

March 6, 2017
"780 Kennels is the only place we trust with our dog. We own a German Pincher that is not always good with strangers and had tried a few other kennels before we found Adam and his team. We have peace of mind that our dog is being looked after by mature staff that really understand and care about dogs. We really noticed the difference the first time we picked our dog up from 780. He was happy, and it was obvious by his temperament, that he had been in good care. Now, whenever we are getting his kennel ready to go to 780, he knows where he is going, and is quite happy to go!! That speaks for itself. 780 also offers grooming services at very reasonable prices. We are very grateful to have found 780 Kennels and highly recommend this team!!"
"CHOPPER" 5/5  

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Pet Boarding Edmonton

Pet Boarding; 27 Facebook Reviews.

April 2, 2018
"Great people and great care! I will definitely continue to use."

March 29, 2018
"Adam & 780 Kennels came highly recommended from a few other trainers I know and trust. After talking with Adam seeing the kennels and dropping off our new Cane Corso for boarding I can see why. You can clearly see they care, understand and are super accommodating!!! I can not wait to get my other 2 dogs to the kennels to start introducing the new dog into our pack on neutral ground. Thank You 780 KENNELS for everything so far and I look forward to all our future work with our newly expanded pack!!"
"JUMBO" 5/5  

March 28, 2018
"The amount of care 780 Kennels took of our pup was second to none. She is always excited to go for training or boarding and always comes home happy. Sadie Mae comes from a kill shelter in Florida, she was believed to be bred and dumped on the streets of Miami numerous times. Although she is an amazing dog...she has a few issues that we need the specialists at 780 to help us with. We highly recommend 780's boarding...upfront, transparent, and courteous, we never felt nervous about leaving her there as she was always in good hands. All the staff I've ever talked with or dealt with have been amazing, caring and full of valuable information. Thanks for always taking great care of our fur baby!"
"SADIE MAE" 5/5  

March 20, 2018
"Nice facility, great people who really enjoy spending time with your dog, you leave knowing they are in good care."
"MOOSE" 5/5  

March 6, 2018
"When we pull up to the driveway, Rufus starts getting super excited. As soon as he is let into the building, he is gone, sniffing under the doors, looking for his friends, of which he has quite a few! The staff are super friendly, and best of all, I know they love my dog. We have left him there for boarding several times, and we never, ever worry about him. Rufus has the time of his life, every time, and he is so very well taken care of. I recommend 780 to every dog owner in my life - even if they already have a kennel."
"RUFUS" 5/5  

Feb 19, 2018
"I'm a new puppy owner after 13 yrs. 780's boarding staff have been amazing. Always helpful. They love my Wally and he loves to go there. I won't go anywhere else and I highly recommend them."
"WALLY" 5/5  

February 16, 2018
"Brought my boy, Harvey, who is an intact Cane Corso here and couldn't be more pleased with the staff and the facility. They took the time to get to know my boy and his needs. Bought a membership as I know I will definitely be back."
"HARVEY" 5/5  

February 9, 2018
"These guys were so much better than we even could have hoped for. My 8-year-old boxer had very limited experience with boarding and had recently had a bad experience at another daycare we'd tried. So, when we had to leave him for 7 days I was really worried that he would be scared or stressed. He's rarely even home alone let alone boarding for a week.

"We could tell right away that these guys were different. It was very clear that they recognize the level of trust you're placing in them and that they really care about these dogs. We took our dog for a day trial visit, an overnight and finally a 7 day stay... Every time we picked him up he was completely relaxed, confident and had clearly bonded with their staff. He was happy to see us but having so much fun we had to coax him into the car to go home.

"Each visit we had a chance to interact with the staff who are all adults, which I appreciated. They took the time to walk us through each visit and how it went. We could reach them any time over text to check on him. They were extremely professional, courteous and very obviously love and understand dogs. I'd encourage anyone looking for boarding to give these guys a call because we were SO impressed."
"GUS" 5/5  

January 13, 2018
"We had an amazing experience with this kennel! Very organized, highly professional, friendly and most importantly dog areas outside are channelized so they can understand their boundaries. I certainly will recommend this place!"
"MYLOO" 5/5  

December 19, 2017
"Sorry this might be a bit long. Our dog, Bear, has aggressive issues to some people and dogs but at home he is super sweet and affectionate. We've had Bear in daycare since he was 3 months but due to his breed/size and protective nature (he's considered a Moscow watchdog) the daycares were struggling to keep him under control. We started working with him and through that found 780 KENNELS. Which at the very least have been lifesavers for us.

"At other daycares we were stressed every pick up and drop off, scared something or someone would walk in unexpected. Noting Bear came home with just as much energy as he went there with...

"Then we found 780 Kennels. We pull up to the gates area worry free because the way they have it set up makes it completely stress free for the dogs. Bear is always excited and happy to go. Every time we bring him there they completely go above and beyond any expectations we would have and they love Bear the way we do at home. I honesty don't think we will ever go anywhere else. When we get there Bear is so unbelievably excited and stress free...Now when we go there he acts just like they are family. The silly back arch and tail wags that we get at home when he's excited to see us. I truly believe he feels it's his second home. I never imagined I'd feel worry and stress free about leaving my dog. I'm sure Adam noticed with all the texts and calls the first time we left Bear. I was terrified and felt horrible. Those feelings are completely gone with 780's boarding because I know he loves them and is comfortable and happy there. I'm so, so, thankful to have all of you there and I know Bear is as thankful as me. I could say so much more but I think whoever reads this will understand. Thank you for going above and beyond for Bear and above all understanding his needs and making him happy."
"BEAR" 5/5  

Dec 12, 2017
"I've been taking my lab to 780 for several years and would recommend them 100%. I've had some bad experiences with other boarding services/ poor facility/ poor management; free feeding my dog until she was bloated, not keeping her clean, not letting her out for exercise, resulting in her being a stressed and destructive animal when I picked her up. When I pick up my girl from 780, she's clean, well behaved, very calm and her whip of a tail is always wagging, which (to me) is the most important thing."
"PHOENIX" 5/5  

Dec 12, 2017
"I have used 780 twice now for boarding and it was another excellent experience. Very friendly and professional!!"
"BAILEY" 5/5  

Dec 1, 2017
"Have never had anything but good positive interactions with Adam both on a personal level as well as a professional level. Have happily and confidently referred some of my own clients to his facility for care and training."

Nov 22, 2017
"I absolutely love bringing my dogs here and they also love staying at the kennels. Great facility (state of the art). The staff is always friendly and helpful and when your dogs are happy at a kennel, you know they're doing it right. It's reassuring to be able to leave your dogs and know they're being looked after very well, and if you need grooming, training or anything for your dog, you can get it here. So glad these guys are here."
"DIME, TADD & BOZZ" 5/5  

Nov 19, 2017
"We have been taking our Cane Corso, Luna, there for daycare & boarding. She's a little timid, especially towards men, so we were worried how she would react with the male staff. But the staff were patient with the dog and they knew how to approach Luna with her timid nature; taking baby steps to making her comfortable in a new environment. With the daycare & boarding stays they suggested a progressive approach leading to the full length of boarding when we left for 2 weeks. Overall, the approach worked well with Luna. As each time she went to the kennel her stress level seemed to go down and noticed a little more confidence in her each time. 780 Kennels has a great facility, each dog has its own pen inside and outside. We like how they group the dogs by their energy level, and still have the fences between them ensuring the dogs safety but also prevents them from being isolated and still be able to interact with other dogs outside behind a chain fence. The only downside I could say is that it takes about 45 mins to get there from the north side Edmonton, but we are more than happy to take the trip knowing Luna is in good hands. Thanks 780 Kennels for your love and dedication to our k9 family member."
"LUNA" 5/5  

September 2017
"My dog, Striker, can be a difficult, reactive dog when at home. 780 staff are the only people I trust to take care of him while I am on holidays. They know how to manage his quirks and keep him safe when I can't take him with me."
"STRIKER" 5/5  

August 23, 2017
"I have a rescue Dalmatian who has had bad experiences at kennels and with a couple of in-home sitting experiences. I travel and needed to find a solution. A friend told me about 780 so I gave them a try. I was nervous the entire 4 days. The last time I picked her up at a kennel she was shaking and terrified and sick for 2 weeks afterwards. This time she was happy to see the staff as they got her out of the kennel and excited to see me but just like any day when I get home from work. She was healthy and I wouldn't have known she had been at a kennel at all if I hadn't been the one to take her there. This will be my only kennel from now on."
"SYSCA" 5/5  

August 21, 2017
"We took our Rottweiler, Rey, in for puppy training a few months ago and have returned to try boarding. She had her ½ day consult and I couldn't be more impressed. At first she didn't want come out of the car because of all the dogs barking and it was out of her routine. Later- when we came to pick her up- we got to see her jumping and playing before she saw us. She wasn't a scared- shaking puppy. We look forward to more visits to 780 and Rey making more friends. Thank you very much."
"RAY" 5/5  

August 16, 2017
"We took our Wiley boy there for his 1st boarding stay ever.... he did just fine, and we know he was in great care! Thanks 780 Kennels for helping Wiley with his shyness!!!"
"WILEY" 5/5  

August 7, 2017
"These guys always take such good care of Avon and he is so tired when I pick him up, which is proof that he had a good time. I would recommend 780 to anyone who wants to know their dog is well taken care of. Make sure you get the membership as it has paid itself off in no time and the best part is that as a member they will always accommodate you; which is important for a last-minute traveller like myself."
"AVON" 5/5  

July 8, 2017
"Best boarding and training facility that I have attended."
"GIBSON" 5/5  

July 5, 2017
"After checking out other boarding kennels for our extremely energetic husky puppy, Loki, we came across 780 Kennels and were immediately interested in the kennel design and BETR concept. We wanted a place that would meet our puppy's needs, one of them being a large and enclosed yard so that our little escape artist can't get out, but big enough for him to run around lots. The second is that we were looking for a place that offers enrichment options as well. 780 definitely came through, doing exercise and agility training with Loki while we were gone. We loved seeing Facebook photos and videos of him having a blast! It also let us have a peace of mind so that we weren't worrying about him the month that we were gone. Thanks to everyone at 780 for taking such good care of him, and always thoroughly answering all of our (many) questions and emails. Loki will definitely be back!"
"LOKI" 5/5  

June 28, 2017
"One of the best things about using 780's boarding is the progressive way they got to know Jaxon before his big stay, to make sure he would be comfortable. As a dog mom I was nervous about leaving Jaxon at a new place, but staff were great about answering questions and putting me at ease. During his stay there was also a video posted of him having fun which was wonderful! One major plus was grooming; as Jaxon does not like having his nails cut, when I asked how it went, they said there was no issue. For me, that means he trusted the 780 crew a lot! Jaxon will be back to stay on any future vacations!"
"JAXON" 5/5  

June 8, 2017
"I would like to send huge thank you to 780 for giving me peace of mind while my boxer boarded here for 1 week while I was away. Having multiple negative experiences in the past I was hesitant at first, seeing her on Facebook and happy was great, she came home tired, happy and the same as when I left her!!! I would recommend this kennel to anyone, I will be back for more services you guys have to offer."
"MITZI" 5/5  

April 21, 2017
"SO friendly! Great feeling from the 780 crew when entrusting our pup with them for an extended stay. The membership is worth checking into, too! I can confidentiality say all aspects of Coco's stay were positive. Thanks 780!"
"COCO" 5/5  

March 19, 2017
"780 Kennels rocks. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I have a bully puppy who, like all bullies, is a tad hard headed. They are working on all aspects of his behavior and each session I notice changes. He also does daycare and 1 night a week he boards overnight which is the highlight of his week. I highly recommend them for all your dog's needs."
"CAPONE" 5/5  

March 1, 2017
"My girl, Xena, can be a handful. She is reactive, but when she goes to 780 KENNELS she's happy and even gets a friend to hang with! She doesn't even say goodbye to me, she runs right in! So love 780! Thank you for loving my girl, so when I'm away I rest easy."
"XENA" 5/5  

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