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Dog Boarding, Not Boredom!

780 Dog Boarding specializes in boarding large breed dogs, aggressive dogs, & rescue dogs. 780 Dog Boarding caters to large breed dogs such as the American Pit Bull, Belgium Shepherd, Cane Corso, Doberman Pincher, English Bulldog, French Mastiff, German Shepherd, & Rottweiler.

780 Dog Boarding welcomes Everything Dog from the Edmonton, Alberta area, including North Edmonton, South Edmonton, East Edmonton, West Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, also boarding dogs from Calgary, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray.

Dog Boarding For ALL Dogs

780 Dog Boarding accepts: non-neutered & non-spayed, dogs on the raw dog food diet, XL, L, M, S, XS sized dogs, Everything Dog, aggressive & fearful, dogs on medications, social & anti-social, puppies to seniors, and dogs in heat.

Edmonton Dog Boarding in Alberta

Dog Boarding Tours

780 Dog Boarding is transparent, we offer tours so that you can see exactly what your dog will experience while boarding and so that we can answer your questions or address any concerns you may have about kennelling your dog. To set up an appointment for a tour of 780 Kennels Edmonton please call Adam @ 780.887.8805

Dog Boarding Facilities

780 Dog Boarding consists of the following amenities; heated flooring w/ alarm system, inside/ outside kennels, advanced air exchange system, privacy walls between kennels, 70'x70' social play area, 30 acres of quiet farm land, nearby nature walks, 24 hr on-site care, and is located 15 minutes from Spruce Grove Veterinary Clinic. Learn more about the construction and safety of our Edmonton Dog Kennels.

Dog Boarding Requirements

780 Dog Boarding requires that all dogs have current vaccinations including; Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Vaccination copies or verbal confirmation from your vet is acceptable.

Dog Boarding for the First Time?

780 Dog Boarding recommends the following steps to ease your dog(s) into their first boarding experience:

1. Bring your dog(s) for a tour, meet 780 staff, ask questions, take your dog(s) for a walk.
2. Book your dog(s) for 1 overnight stay.
3. Book your dog(s) for 2 consecutive nights.
4. Book your dogs(s) for the intended lengthy stay.

780 Dog Boarding suggests the above steps within 2 weeks of the intended lengthy stay with your dog(s) staying at home at least 1 night between visits to 780 Kennels.

* Crates from home are encouraged to provide your dog(s) with something familiar
* Dog beds/ blankets from home are not recommended as they tend to get destroyed/ spoiled in the kennel environment, throw away beds can be purchased for $5-10.

Dog Boarding Pricing

    • $22.50/ Day 1st Dog, $20 for 2nd Dog if they can share the same kennel
    • Every Saturday is FREE boarding when you like 780 on Facebook
    • $2.50/ day for Medicine
    • $2.50/ day to feed your provided raw food
    • $5/ small, $10/ large throw away bed
    • $2.50/ Day for Food (Acana) if not provided

Pick up and return service is based on geographical location, ask for a quote.

* Please bring proof of vaccinations, your dog's food, toys & medicine if necessary.

780's B.E.T.R. Boarding (Behaviour, Exercise, Training, Relationship)

    • Board and Train while your dog visits 780
    • Reduces stress and builds a bond while standardizing your dog's overall behaviour
    • Purchase Behaviour, Exercise, Training or Relationship sessions that never expire
    • FREE 1/2 hr consultation after every B.E.T.R. Boarding visit (training only)

B.E.T.R. Boarding Options

Behaviour is $2.50/day per command: take, sit, down, etc. before receiving a privilege.
Exercise is $25 per 1/2 hour: leashed walks, running, playing with a toy, treadmill (if trained).
Training is $45 per 1/2 hour: basic & advanced.
Relationship is $20 per 1/2 hour: petting, hand feeding, extra socializing with humans.

Behaviour is re-enforcing manners your social dog knows at home that we can continue at 780 such as asking to 'down' before we let them out of the resting area or to 'sit' before feeding. 780 staff offer this service as your social dog is already trained for it.
Exercise (one-on-one) is facilitated by 780 Trainers as these are structured & entail finesse. Dogs that are willing to bite people require a 780 Manageable Dog Trainer.
Training is administered by 780 Trainers for social dogs or by Manageable Dog Trainers for anti-social dogs as they require an advanced education to provide care.
Relationship building is also offered by 780 staff for social dogs only.

Basic Training: Heel, Sit, Down, Long Sit & Down, Come, Fetch, Take/Out, Treadmill and Socialization for social dogs.

Advanced Training: Tracking, Security, Kick Sledding & Biking, Distraction Training, Weight Pulling and Socialization for anti-social dogs with humans and dogs. Please note, anti-social dogs are never free roaming with social dogs but in a controlled environment and only with a 780 Manageable Dog Trainer's strategic dog.

BEWARE of Board & Train offers to "rehabilitate" aggressive dogs. 780 does not support this counterfeit philosophy as you personally must learn to Manage the dog and change your relationship by one-on-one Training.

Pick Up & Drop Off Hours

Open Sunday-Friday 10am-5pm for Drop-off & Pick-ups. No exceptions.

Staff still tend to the needs of the dogs on Saturdays but 780 is closed to the public.
We encourage Friday or Sunday for drop-off/pick-up and don't charge for Saturdays.

Dog Boarding Contract

To save yourself some time, please print and fill out the 780 Kennels Inc. Boarding & Daycare Contract and 780 Kennels Inc. Waiver & Release and bring it along with your vaccinations proof.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation online, please fill out our dog boarding reservation form.

Dog Boarding References

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